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Privacy notice for children

This Privacy Notice sets out important details about information that Circle Health Group Ltd (Circle) and Clinicians responsible for your care, treatment and health assessments may collect and hold about you, how that information may be used and your legal rights. Please take time to read this Privacy Notice carefully and contact us if you have any questions about its content.

We will review this Privacy Notice periodically and we advise you to check back on our website for the latest version.

Who has information about me?

Circle Health Group Limited is our main operating company and is part of the Circle Health Holdings Limited group of companies. Some of our hospitals (Southend Private Hospital, Three Shires Hospital and Syon Clinic) and some of the services in some of our hospitals (the oncology service at Beardwood Hospital and some imaging services at Mount Alvernia Hospital and Three Shires Hospital) are owned by partner companies, each of which has a management contract with Circle Health Group Limited (formerly BMI Healthcare Limited) and forms part of the Circle Health Group. A partner company also owns the CT and MRI scanners at The Meriden Hospital; this service is managed by UME.

All these companies are registered at Circle Health Group, 1st Floor, 30 Cannon Street, London EC4M 6XH and their full names and registered company numbers are as follows:

  • Circle Health Group Limited (formerly BMI Healthcare Limited) - 02164270
  • Three Shires Hospital LLP - OC398963
  • Southend Private Hospital Limited - 05155289
  • Syon Clinic Limited - 05706302
  • North West Cancer Clinic Limited - 05706220 The Beardwood Hospital oncology service
  • BMI Imaging Clinic Limited - 05706274 - imaging service at Mount Alvernia Hospital
  • The Pavilion Clinic Limited - 06061941 - imaging service at Three Shires Hospital
  • The Meriden Hospital Advanced Imaging Centre Limited - 05607465 - MRI and CT service at The Meriden Hospital
  • Circle Hospital (Reading) Limited - 06995585
  • Circle Rehabilitation Services Limited - 10527747
  • Circle Clinical Services Limited - 07714059
  • CHG Management Services Limited - 05042771

Each of these companies may, to the extent relevant, collect, retain and use information about you and we refer to these collectively as 'Circle Health Group', 'Circle' or 'CHG' in this document.

What information does the hospital have about me?

The hospital has information about you and about your health. You may be required to share:

  • Personal data- this includes Name, Address, Date of Birth, including characteristics such as language and nationality.
  • Sensitive data this includes information on your health, allergies, medication or information we might need to know in an emergency.
  • GP, health visitor details
  • Name and Contact details of your parents or a guardian with parental responsibility.

We may also collect other information about you, such as your race or ethnic origin, religious or other beliefs, and whether you have a disability or require any additional support with appointments (like an interpreter or advocate).

Where did you get the information from?

We get information about you from things you tell us, things your parents or guardian tell us or things that your doctor or nurse tell us.

What do you do with the information?

We have this so that we can look after you in our hospital. Other purposes to which your data could be put to include:

  • Compliance with applicable law
  • To safeguard the children in our care in accordance with relevant legislation.
  • Review of the quality of our services.

Who do you share information with?

Sometimes we need to share information about you with other people. These are:

  • People looking after you in hospital, including doctors and nurses
  • People who are paying for you to be looked after in hospital
  • Your parent or guardian
  • Other doctors and nurses working in other hospitals

We will only share information about you with other people if they need to know it.

Where do you keep the information?

Some of the information is written down or printed out and some of it is on our secure computers.

How long do you keep the information for?

Usually we keep it until you are 25, but sometimes we need to keep it longer. We keep it this long in case you or your doctor needs to know some of that information when you are older.

Can I see a copy of this information?

Yes and if there is anything wrong in the information, you can tell us and we will correct it. You can ask your parent or guardian to look at the hospital website where it gives them more information and tells them how to contact us (

What if I have more questions or I am worried about my information?

Please ask your parent or guardian to look at the hospital website and they can find out who to write to and what to do next.

How to contact us

Our Head of Information Governance (IG) and Data Protection Officer ("DPO") helps us to make sure that the Circle Health Group of companies comply with data protection law. Our Head of IG & DPO has responsibility for data protection compliance in respect of the companies set out above.

The Head of IG & DPO can be contacted by:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Post: Circle Health Group Limited, 1st Floor, 30 Cannon Street, London, EC4M 6XH

Last update: January 2022