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Knee surgery

No more knee pain

Knee surgery can relieve symptoms of pain and stiffness, restoring mobility and letting you get back to doing the things you love.

Whether it’s work, sports, or even simple tasks such as walking and bending, knee pain can drastically affect your routine. And it’s not just the physical effects – dealing with knee pain can be emotionally and mentally exhausting, taking a huge toll on your mental well-being.

If you are looking for a solution, our consultants at Woodlands can offer you an accurate diagnosis, as well as a variety of treatment options to bring you relief and help keep you mobile. Woodlands provides treatment for various knee conditions to patients in and around Darlington, Richmond, Barnard Castle, and further afield.

Damage to the knee joint can be caused by injury or disease, and invariably this leads to pain, stiffness, and loss of mobility. Possible causes include:

  • Torn cartilage: This can be from sporting injury or can occur as part of the degenerative ageing process.
  • Tear of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), due to abrupt twisting motions, commonly found in sports like football or hockey
  • Osteoarthritis (general wear and tear of the joint)
  • Patella (kneecap) issues
  • Fracture

Options for surgery usually depend on the severity of your symptoms. Many knee issues respond well to non-invasive treatments, with no need for surgery to be considered. This is especially true when a condition has been caught early. Early management for conditions such as arthritis may include pain relief, and a personalised programme set up by our dedicated physiotherapy team to help keep the joint mobile and flexible.

Pain of the patella (kneecap), for example, rarely needs surgical intervention, and is often managed well with physiotherapy. 

Corticosteroid injections into the knee help to relieve swelling and inflammation as well as providing pain relief. These can be repeated a number of times if they prove effective.

Weight loss can also have a significant effect on reducing your symptoms, as the knee has less pressure placed on it, therefore offering a greater chance of healing.

Cartilage problems can often be addressed with a knee arthroscopy. This is a form of keyhole surgery and can be done as a day case procedure, where your consultant makes small incisions in your knee, allowing them to introduce a camera and surgical tools to investigate and repair cartilage damage. ACL reconstruction is normally a day case procedure and is performed in a similar way.

Knee replacements are typically used for those with severe cases of osteoarthritis. This tends to require a 1-2 night stay on the ward, where you will be supported by staff until you are able to go home. Knee replacements can be carried out in one of two ways:

Partial Knee Replacement can be a good option when only part of the knee is arthritic. Patients often report having a more ‘natural’ functioning knee, with quicker recovery times as it involves less surgery.

Total Knee Replacement involves removing the entire damaged knee joint, replacing with an artificial joint. 90% of knee replacement surgeries at Woodlands take this form. It is a bigger procedure with a longer recovery, but gets it all done at once.

One of the huge advantages to knee replacement surgery at Woodlands is the availability of the MAKO robot for robotics-assisted surgery. This is only offered privately, and allows for a greater degree of accuracy when balancing the knee. Whereas standard knee replacements can be 5-10 degrees out, assistance from the MAKO robot ensures the surgery is accurate to one degree/millimetre. The greater precision also means there is less peripheral damage to the knee and surrounding muscles during surgery, further reducing recovery time.

When you come to Woodlands for your initial consultation, your consultant will ask for a detailed medical history, including a history of the symptoms you’ve been experiencing. They will want to know:

  • How long have you had these symptoms?
  • Are you in pain? If so, can you describe it – is it a stabbing pain? Constant or intermittent?
  • Has it got any worse recently? Have you had any treatment previously?
  • Are you on any medication?

This is then followed by a physical examination, where your consultant will press and manipulate the affected knee to investigate the symptoms you’ve mentioned. They will then wish to see an x-ray of your knee. You may already have had an x-ray previously, but if not, this can be arranged on-site at our Imaging facility.

This is often enough to make a diagnosis, but some conditions may require an MRI to assess the soft tissues in your knee. With these findings, your consultant can start to outline all your treatment options, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Sometimes, your consultant will suggest starting out with conservative measures, such as physiotherapy or injections, progressing towards surgery if these are ineffective in reducing your symptoms. For those with severe symptoms, surgery may be the logical choice from the beginning, and this will likely be evident during the diagnostic stage.

Whatever the diagnosis, your consultant will offer you a range of options, explaining the expected outcomes and addressing any recovery goals you may have. Supported by expert surgeons, radiographers, physiotherapists, and an experienced nursing team, you’ll be in capable hands at every stage of your journey.

Choosing to have your knee surgery done at Woodlands comes with a host of benefits, such as:

  • Assessments ASAP – Certain knee conditions are best treated at the earliest possible stage. If you’ve been experiencing any of the associated symptoms, our consultants can see you for an assessment without delay, getting you an accurate diagnosis and the necessary treatment before your symptoms progress any further.
  • Patient Satisfaction – 98.2% of other patients in 2019 said they would happily recommend Woodlands Hospital to friends and family in an independent report, and we’re confident that you’ll agree. 98.3% also said that the quality of care here at Woodlands Hospital was either ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’. We aim to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible, and these results highlight our continued efforts to ensure this is achieved.
  • Proven Track Record – According to the National Joint Registry, Woodlands is in the top 2% of hospitals in the country when it comes to excellent outcomes for surgery. The NJR measures longevity as well as satisfaction rates, providing a seal of approval as well as reassurance for prospective patients.
  • MAKO Assistance – Only available privately, this highly specialised robotics-assisted surgery ensures greater accuracy for knee replacements, offering better outcomes and patient satisfaction.
  • Same Day Surgery – Some minor procedures can be done on the same day as your initial consultation, making Woodlands a ‘one-stop shop’ for certain conditions. Your consultant will let you know if this is appropriate for your treatment.
  • Personalised Care – We believe in a bespoke approach to treatment, tailoring each experience to our patients’ needs and whatever may be best for you. This is regularly reviewed, ensuring you get the necessary treatment at every stage of your patient journey.
  • Convenient Appointments – With appointments available between 10am and 8.30pm Monday-Sunday, you are sure to find an appointment slot that suits your needs and availability.

If your knee has been causing you problems, why not book a consultation with one of our ophthalmologist specialists today? Our consultants can outline all treatment options for you promptly, arranging any necessary diagnostic scans, treatment and surgery if required. For peace of mind and expert care, please contact Woodlands to book an appointment now.

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Mr Craig Alisdair White

Consultant Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgeon

MBBS, MRCS (Glas), FRCS Tr & Orth, Cert Med Ed

Woodlands Hospital 1 more The Duchy Hospital

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Mr James Webb

Consultant Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgeon

MBBS (merit) University of Newcastle upon Tyne, BMedSci(Hons), University of Newcastle upon Tyne, MRCS (Eng), FRCS Tr &. Orth (Eng)

Woodlands Hospital

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Mr Paul Parker

Consultant Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgeon

Queens University Belfast: MB BCh BAO (1985) Fellowship of Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh: FRCSEd (1991) Fellowship of Orthopaedic Surgeons of the Combined Royal Colleges UK: FRCS(Orth) (1997)

The Priory Hospital 1 more Woodlands Hospital

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Mr Jonathan Loughead

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

MBBS, MRCS (Edin), MRCS (Eng), MSc (Applied Biomechanics), FRCS (Tr & Orth)

Woodlands Hospital

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Mr Andrew Port

Consultant Hip and Knee Surgeon


Woodlands Hospital

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Mr Louw Van Niekerk

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

MBChB, FRCS (Ed), FRCS (Orth)

Woodlands Hospital

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