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Breast clinic in Birmingham

Breast services at The Priory Hospital

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the UK with around one in seven women developing this type of cancer at some stage in their life. Early diagnosis provides a good chance of effective treatment, with a mammogram (X-ray of the breast) one of the best early detection methods for older women. Ultrasound is the investigation of choice in women under the age of 40 years.

However, breast cancer can strike at any age. If you’re worried about a breast lump, are experiencing breast pain or have detected a change in breast shape, you need to seek specialist advice. Similarly if your family history indicates you may be at a higher risk of developing breast cancer it’s important to identify preventative or risk-reducing treatment options as soon as possible.

Unfortunately however, there’s often a lengthy and frustrating wait for access to the right specialist advice. 

Get seen without delay by booking an appointment with a breast consultant at The Priory Hospital.

At The Priory Hospital our consultants routinely see people presenting with breast lumps, pain, nipple discharge or changes in breast appearance. In most cases – in fact around 95% of cases – examination and diagnostics reveal no serious underlying conditions. From fibroadenoma or ‘breast mouse’, which is often seen in younger women, to cysts and lipomas in older women, these problems, while initially worrying, are benign.

At The Priory Hospital we also offer consultations and genetic testing for women with a potential genetic predisposition to breast cancer. We’ve seen an encouraging increase in demand for this type of genetic testing, mainly thanks to the ‘Angelina Jolie effect’ (in 2013 she had a double mastectomy after testing positive for the BRCA 1 gene mutation).

Despite the fact that some genetic mutations can give women an up to an 85% risk of developing breast cancer access to testing and treatment is often extremely delayed.

Our consultants also see many patients who require aesthetic surgery procedures from breast enlargements and breast uplifts to reductions, as well as male breast correction (gynaecomastia). Symmetrising surgery can also be provided for some patients with tubular breasts or for women who have undergone a mastectomy to improve how the breasts are matched in size and shape. 

Our surgeons are expert in performing lumpectomies, mastectomies, and reconstructive surgery, with or without implants. Implants-based reconstruction or use of a patient’s own tissues (autologous reconstruction) are options that are readily accessible at The Priory Hospital.

Other surgeries we can carry out at The Priory Hospital are axillary (armpit surgery) which can be done at the same time as breast surgery, and sentinel node surgery to detect whether cancer has spread beyond a primary tumour into the lymphatic system.

At The Priory Hospital our consultants are expert at performing oncoplastic surgery, a procedure which integrates both aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. For example, a patient diagnosed with cancer may also desire a breast reduction – and these two procedures can take place within one operation.

At your first appointment with your breast consultant, they will ask you in detail about your symptoms and family history. You will be examined, may have an ultrasound and/or a mammogram test, and a biopsy (if required) within that same clinic, with most test results (except biopsy) available right away. Any biopsy results will be ready for you to discuss with your consultant at your next appointment.   

At The Priory Hospital our consultants are also happy to see patients who have been diagnosed with cancer or who require a second opinion.

Once all the results are in you will be invited for a second appointment with your consultant at which point you will be presented with your treatment options. Only in very few cases will these options involve surgery. If surgery is the recommended route you will be given full information about the procedure.

Most surgical procedures apart from implants or more complex surgeries may be performed as day case procedures - or require at most an overnight stay. In many cases, you can be starting to commence normal activities within one to two weeks.

At The Priory Hospital your care doesn’t end after surgery. You will receive end-to-end care bespoke to your individual circumstances. Your consultant surgeon will be with you throughout every step of your recovery. We offer all systemic treatments for cancer here at the hospital including radiotherapy, chemotherapy, anti-endocrine therapy/anti-hormone therapy, immunotherapy and biological therapy. This means your entire treatment journey from consultation to recovery can take place at the same hospital.

We can also provide full access to a state-of-the-art rehabilitation unit to aid recovery, with tailored advice from expert physiotherapists.  

If you’re worried about any aspect of your breast health, The Priory Hospital’s consultants can usually see you at their next available surgery. At your first appointment, you will have direct access to state-of-the-art screening and diagnostics facilities - with most results available on the same day.

  • All our consultant surgeons are extremely experienced, and we attract some of the most talented NHS consultants from the larger trusts in the region. Many consultants have their own specific areas of expertise and frequently attract patients looking for a second opinion.
  • At The Priory Hospital we can offer our patients a quick diagnosis, followed by rapid initiation of treatment. In most cases you can be seen at the next available clinic.
  • At The Priory everyone involved in a patient’s care operates within a highly accountable multidisciplinary structure. Teams typically comprise a group of health care professionals including the breast surgeon, radiologist, pathologist, oncologist and breast care nurses. They meet regularly to discuss all aspects of a patient’s care, at every step. Each team member has a 360-degree view of the care of each individual patient. This integrated approach leads to optimum treatment outcomes.
  • The Priory Hospital emphasises continuity of care and each patient will see the same senior consultant throughout the course of their treatment. You will never be seen by a junior doctor or trainee.
  • The Priory Hospital has a central location and excellent transport links – as well as free patient parking. We’re convenient situated for patients travelling from other regions in the UK as well as from abroad.
  • The Priory Hospital has some of the most extensive private diagnostic and imaging facilities in the Midlands. We offer best-in-class ultrasound, MRI, and CT scans. We also provide and biopsies and have regional access for PET scanning and nuclear medicine.
  • The hospital is renowned as a place of surgical excellence where the most complex of surgeries can be successfully performed due to the presence of an ITU (intensive care unit).
  • At The Priory Hospital our consultants are also expert in oncoplastic surgery which means patients can undergo treatment for cancer as well as have reconstructive or aesthetic surgery at the same time.
  • At The Priory Hospital, we have access to wire-free breast localisation for breast lumpectomies. This novel and innovative technique avoids the placement of a wire on the day of surgery and improves the patient pathway.
  • We offer a variety of flexible payment options. There’s no requirement to have private medical insurance.

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