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Sports injuries

Get back to your sport and exercise as soon as possible

While sports and exercise can be an extremely good way to improve your health and fitness, they unfortunately can also sometimes lead to injury and damage.

When sports injuries do occur, rapid assessment and treatment can help get you on the way to recovery again.

Whether you are an elite athlete competing at the highest level, a “weekend warrior” involved in a local football league, or somebody just starting to get back into a gentle exercise routine to try to improve your strength and stamina, you may experience a sports injury at some point.

Acute trauma (for example, fracturing an ankle while playing football, or dislocating a shoulder during a game of rugby) will be treated through the NHS in A&E. Chronic conditions (i.e. those that have developed over a period of time) or ones that are not getting better by themselves, may benefit from expert assessment and treatment.

At The Park Hospital in Nottingham, highly experienced consultants provide expert assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for people aged 18+ for a wide variety of sports injuries and conditions, both for bone and soft tissue. They would be delighted to help you too. If you’re struggling with a sports-related injury, why not book your private consultation today? 

At The Park Hospital, our consultants help people in three main ways:

  • Treating an injury that has been acquired during sport or exercise
  • Using exercise to treat an illness or chronic condition
  • Using exercise to help improve general health

The primary purpose of this page is to help show how we can help with the first of these – treatment for an injury acquired during sports.

If you’ve sustained any type of sports or exercise injury, you will want help as soon as possible to get you:

  • Out of pain
  • On a clear pathway to recovery

It is also helpful to know whether you can continue to train safely without causing further injury or damage (and if not, when you WILL be able to start training safely again).

Our consultants provide a variety of treatments, both non-surgical and surgical, to help treat the underlying problem and to promote recovery. Depending on your injury, your treatment may be primarily focused on reducing pain, strengthening a joint, or increasing your mobility.

Our consultants are highly experienced, and provide guidance and treatment to professional athletes and recreational athletes

Many people come to see us following a referral from their GP or physiotherapist. Others self-refer because they are keen to get back to activity again as soon as possible.

Your initial consultation will involve your consultant taking a medical history and discussing your symptoms with you. They will want to know things like:

  • How did the injury happen?
  • What symptoms do you have?
  • When did these symptoms begin?
  • What level of activity are you aiming to return to? (e.g. aiming for a competitive London Marathon time, or amateur 5-a-side football)
  • Have your symptoms been getting worse?
  • Have you had any previous sporting injuries?
  • Have you had any treatment already (e.g. physiotherapy)? Did it help?
  • Do you have any underlying medical conditions?

They will carry out a physical examination of the affected area and joints to assess the severity of your symptoms and how they are currently limiting you. They may examine other areas as well, to rule out referred pain or any corresponding issues. (For example, some knee pain may be caused by a problem in the hip or spine.)

Further investigations may be needed, such as X-ray, CT, MRI, or ultrasound. With all these imaging modalities available on-site, we can arrange them for you quickly and easily if required.

Blood tests may also sometimes be required, and these can usually be done on the day of your visit.

Once any results are back your consultant will talk through everything with you, explaining the diagnosis and suitable treatment options. Certain therapies may be started within your initial consultation, or an appointment may be booked with a relevant specialist to begin treatment as soon as possible. 

Treatment for a sports injury may be non-surgical or surgical.

Non-surgical treatments include:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Injection therapy - corticosteroid injections delivered to the affected joint to ease inflammation
  • Pain relief medication (analgesia)
  • Activity modification (changing how you do certain activities)
  • Sports massage

Our purpose-built private physiotherapy gym provides an ideal environment for many exercised and therapies to help get throughout your recovery.

If surgery is needed, this can be arranged for you. We have specialists in:

  • Shoulder surgery 
  • Hip surgery
  • Knee surgery
  • Foot and Ankle surgery
  • Hand and Wrist surgery
  • Hernia repair

Many types of surgery can be carried out at The Park Hospital using keyhole (arthroscopic) surgery. Because this uses only very small incisions in the skin, pain and bleeding is reduced, scarring is less visible, and recovery can be faster.

Your consultant will always explain treatment options to you so that you have the information you need to make an informed choice about treatment. We can help you to access the treatment you need to return to training as quickly and safely as possible. 

As the longest established private hospital in the area, The Park Hospital is very well known and has a good reputation, built up over many years of serving the people of Nottinghamshire.

With superb facilities, state-of-the-art equipment and on-site critical care cover staffed 24/7, it is a very safe place to receive a range of treatments.

Choosing to have your treatment for a sports injury at The Park comes with a host of benefits, such as:

  • Rapid Assessment – Many sports injuries are best diagnosed and treated at the earliest possible stage. We can arrange a private consultation for you without delay, so you can get the help you need sooner.
  • Tailored treatment – No sports injury is the same as another, and everybody will have different needs and requirements regarding their recovery. We believe in a bespoke approach to treatment, tailoring things to your specific needs and what would be best for you. Your consultant will review your response to treatment at appropriate intervals to ensure you receive the most appropriate support at every stage of your recovery. 
  • Purpose-built Private Gym – Our private gym provides the ideal environment for recovery and rehabilitation from a sports injury, overseen by our experienced physiotherapists.
  • Consultant-led care – You will always see the same consultant and will never have to worry about being treated by a more junior doctor. From your first consultation through to any follow-up appointments, you will always receive the highest level of care from highly experienced specialists.
  • Access to a Wider Team – Your consultant is supported in their work by specialists in other fields, including physiotherapy, radiology, anaesthetics, and physiotherapy. With fast access to this wider healthcare team, you will always see the most appropriate person for your recovery and rehabilitation.
  • Patient Satisfaction – In an independent survey, 98.4% of patients said they were likely or highly likely to recommend The Park Hospital to their friends and family.
  • Location – It is very easy to travel to us! The hospital is ideally located on the outskirts of Nottingham, tucked away in a leafy woodland setting. Our on-site car park has 178 spaces.

For peace of mind and expert care, why not contact our friendly team to book your private consultation now? We look forward to welcoming you to The Park Hospital and helping you to return to your favourite sport as soon as possible.