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Shoulder & elbow surgery

Treatment for shoulder and elbow problems

We use our shoulders and elbows thousands of times every day as we go about our normal routines and activities. If we develop a problem in them through injury or disease, we may very quickly find ourselves struggling to carry out even the simplest of tasks. 

Many problems in the shoulder and elbow will resolve themselves naturally over time but if they dont, you may need further investigations and expert advice to successfully treat the problem.

At The Meriden Hospital, the Consultant Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons treat all shoulder and elbow problems, helping people to get out of pain and stiffness and back to better function again.

Whether youre suffering from pain after an injury, arthritis in the shoulder, a frozen shoulder, Tennis or Golfers Elbow, they would be delighted to help you.

Shoulder and elbow pain tend to result from injury or trauma, or through wear and tear from a degenerative condition. Common reasons people come to us for help include:

  • Pain and inflammation in the shoulder
  • Stiffness or difficulty moving the shoulder
  • Pain in the elbow, running along either the outer or inner side
  • Difficulty raising your arm above your head
  • A clickingsensation in the shoulder when you move it
  • Sleeping problems due to shoulder pain

Shoulder and elbow pain can affect anyone. Degenerative conditions such as arthritis in the shoulder tend to become more common as we age.

If your symptoms are interfering with your daily life, stopping you from doing the things you most enjoy, it is sensible to get medical help.

At The Meriden Hospital, our Consultant Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons will diagnose the cause of your symptoms and form an appropriate treatment plan to get you out of pain and back to doing the things you love as soon as possible.

With four main joints in your shoulder, its no surprise that problems can easily occur.  Common complaints and conditions for the shoulder and elbow include:

  • Arthritis – tends to cause pain and stiffness that gets worse as the arthritis progresses
  • Frozen shoulder - a very common problem that can occur spontaneously. Produces pain and stiffness in the joint
  • Rotator cuff injury/tendon tear
  • Tennis Elbow - from repetitive twisting motions
  • Golfer’s Elbow – caused by repetitive gripping motions
  • Tendonitis - inflammation of a tendon, often through injury
  • Bursitis - inflammation of the fluid-filled sacs in your elbow or shoulder
  • Rotator cuff tear,
  • Recurrent shoulder dislocation,
  • Shoulder impingement,
  • A fracture (new or old) in a shoulder or elbow – many people see us for help with management of their fracture

Whether you’re a professional rugby player hampered by recurring shoulder dislocations or a non-athlete frustrated with pain and stiffness in a shoulders or elbow, you’ll want access to specialist help and treatment without delay

Your shoulder and elbow joints provide an incredible amount of movement, flexibility and strength to your upper body. If you develop a problem, early assessment and diagnosis can be invaluable in preventing further damage to the joint 

When you first meet with your Consultant here at The Meriden Hospital, they will ask you about your symptoms. They will want to know:

  • What symptoms do you have?
  • How long have you had these symptoms?
  • Are you in pain? If so, can you describe the pain?
  • Which is your dominant hand?
  • What treatments have you tried so far? Have they helped at all?
  • What things are you unable to do as a result of your symptoms?

They will carry out a physical examination of your elbow or shoulder, assessing the strength, movement and flexibility you currently have.

An X-ray of your shoulder or elbow may be carried out, as this can help show any obvious bony abnormalities. If additional investigations are needed, such as CT, MRI or Ultrasound, these can all be arranged for you quickly and easily.

Once a diagnosis has been made, your Consultant will be able to discuss suitable treatment options with you.

Its important to know that you wont always need surgery to treat a shoulder or elbow problem. Non-surgical treatments can be very helpful for a number of common shoulder and elbow problems. These may include a course of physiotherapy, pain relief medication or injection of a corticosteroid into the joint.

If non-surgical treatments dont give you the relief you need, then you may need surgery.

There are a number of ways surgery can be carried out on the shoulder and elbow, from a type of keyhole surgery known as arthroscopy through to more invasive open” surgery. The majority of surgical treatments can be performed through keyhole techniques which results in less scarring and a faster recovery.

Tears in the rotator cuff tendon around the ball and socket joint of your shoulder are likely to need surgical repair. This is usually done by keyhole surgery as a day case procedure.

More advanced arthritis in the shoulder may require a shoulder replacement. This is a larger operation, performed as open surgery, where the damaged joint is removed and replaced by an artificial joint. There are a few different ways this can be done, and your Consultant will discuss these with you in advance.

If you do need surgery, your Consultant will explain it to you clearly so that you know how it will be done, what to expect with your recovery and what benefits you should realistically expect to see following the surgery.

Some people are referred to us by their GP, physiotherapist, sports physiotherapist or a consultant in another speciality. Others come to us because of word-of-mouth recommendations from family and friends.

Many of our patients are from Coventry itself, but others travel from the surrounding areas to visit with us. We treat patients with private medical insurance and patients who choose to use one of our self-pay options.

At The Meriden Hospital, you will benefit from:

  • Fast access to an expert – When a shoulder or elbow problem is causing you problems, you'll want to get it treated as soon as possible, We can arrange a private appointment for you with an experienced Consultant Shoulder and Elbow Surgeon for assessment, diagnosis and treatment. At The Meriden Hospital, we can help get you out of pain and back to better mobility sooner.
  • Flexible appointments - We know that life can often be busy. We offer appointments throughout the week so that you can schedule a time that’s convenient for you.
  • Multidisciplinary team - From experienced Consultant Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons to physiotherapists, nurses through, occupational therapists and radiologists, you will receive the care and support you need throughout your time with us, before, during and after any treatment.
  • Peace of mind - In an independent survey, 96.5%% of the people we treated said they were likely or highly likely to recommend us to their friends and family. The thought of needing surgery to treat a shoulder or elbow problem may be worrying to you, but your Consultant will talk with you through any questions or concerns you may have at any stage of your treatment to help reassure you and put your mind at rest.
  • Free parking -  Make sure you register your car at reception when you arrive to benefit from free parking during your visit.

There are good treatments available for many elbow and shoulder conditions, both surgical and non-surgical. Your Consultant will investigate the cause(s) of your symptoms and then talk with you about suitable treatment options. If surgery is needed, they will arrange that for you at the earliest opportunity.

If you’re looking for private Shoulder and Elbow Surgery in Coventry and the surrounding areas, book your appointment online today.

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