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Cancer care in Basingstoke

Specialist cancer care centre

At The Hampshire Clinic in Basingstoke, highly experienced cancer specialists provide expert treatment and support for people with cancer.

If you have recently received a diagnosis of cancer and are considering private treatment, the details below are intended to give an overview of the different ways we can help you.

Cancer affects everybody differently, and we know how hard it can be to receive a cancer diagnosis. Please do contact us if you have any queries or would like to arrange a private appointment to discuss treatment and care options. 

Oncology is the field of medicine involved in the assessment and treatment of cancer. A doctor specialising in this field is a Consultant Clinical or Medical Oncologist.

Cancer is caused when cells in the body start to grow and multiply excessively. The newly formed cancerous cells destroy surrounding healthy tissue. If the cancer spreads to another part of the body, it is known as metastasis. If the cancer does spread further, it means that more healthy tissues is then destroyed.

As cancer progresses, it will often cause serious, life-threatening symptoms and conditions to develop, requiring urgent medical intervention.

Whether you are already receiving treatment or have just received a diagnosis and are awaiting the start of treatment, you will undoubtedly have many concerns, worries, and questions.

When you choose to have your private cancer care at The Hampshire Clinic, you will benefit from a bespoke approach to care, with fast, simple, and flexible access to modern treatments, tailored to your precise requirements.  

Cancer can occur in many parts of the body, and each specific type of cancer will require a tailored approach to treatment. The experienced Oncology team at The Hampshire Clinic provide assessment and treatment for a variety of different cancers, including:

  • Breast cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Brain cancer
  • Upper gastrointestinal cancer
  • Head and neck cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Renal (kidney) cancer
  • Bladder cancer
  • Colo-rectal/bowel cancer
  • Gynaecological cancer
  • Melanoma (skin cancer)

The treatment you receive will depend on a number of factors, including the type of cancer you have, how far it has spread, your general health, and whether you have any underlying healthy conditions.  

Treatment for cancer may be with:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Immunotherapy (biological therapy)
  • Radiotherapy
  • Targeted therapy
  • Hormone therapy
  • Surgery

Treatment at The Hampshire Clinic is usually done on a day case basis in a private treatment room.

Unlike treatment on the NHS, appointment times are flexible. This is especially helpful during a course of chemotherapy/hormone therapy, which involves several visits for treatment. By having more flexibility with times, your appointments can be arranged to minimise any disruption to your day. 

A key advantage of private care is that we are not limited by NICE guidelines, which are primarily focused on the cost of treatment. We can access the newest treatments that aren’t often readily available on the NHS.

We will regularly assess your response to treatment through blood tests or diagnostic scans like CT and MRI, X-ray, and ultrasound. These are available on-site and easily arranged. Our Consultant Radiologists provide fast reporting on any imaging so that the results are back with your Consultant sooner. Should any adjustment to treatment be needed, it is easily arranged. 

We have dedicated oncology nurses working on-site, and you will get to know them well during your visits with us. They are exceptionally experienced and help provide 24/7 support for you throughout your treatment with us.

Whether you are here for a consultation, treatment, or a follow-up appointment once any treatment has ended, you will always see an Oncology Consultant.  

When you visit us at The Hampshire Clinic for the first time, you will usually have already had a cancer diagnosis. This means that your first visit with us will be to discuss and explore potential treatment options with an oncologist and an oncology nurse.

This first appointment can sometimes feel quite a significant moment, and it can be difficult to take everything in. For this reason, you are very welcome to bring somebody else with you, for support and as an extra pair of ears!

We will always try to explain things as clearly as possible, but if you don’t understand something please do let us know so we can put that right.

Once we have explained things to you, we will ask you to sign some consent forms for your treatment. While we will offer you advice about treatment options, the decision is always yours and you will be given the time and space you need to make a decision about your treatment.

Once you decide to proceed with treatment. we will book your first session in. This will vary depending on the treatment regime you are on. Treatment may be administered by oral or IV medication. If radiotherapy is required, we will arrange this for you. 

Some treatments can cause certain side-effects, including pain, swelling, muscle weakness, or stiffness. Our Physiotherapy team have extensive experience helping people who are undergoing cancer treatment and will work with you to help improve your mobility. 

We also have fast access to other specialists in other areas, including pain management and nutrition (dietetics). If this type of support is needed, we will arrange this for you without delay. 

The majority of our private cancer patients have private medical insurance, but we also treat self-pay patients.

If you are considering private cancer treatment in Basingstoke or the surrounding areas, we believe you will not find a better place to come for comprehensive support, treatment, care, and follow-up than The Hampshire Clinic. Here’s why:

  • Rapid access to a Consultant Clinical Oncologist – We can arrange a private appointment for you without delay so that treatment can be planned and started at the earliest opportunity.
  • 24/7 access to support – Cancer treatment may cause concerns or side-effects, often at inconvenient times. You will have access to our 24-hour on-call programme, for any queries or concerns you may have at any time.
  • Bespoke treatment – Whether treatment is with chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiotherapy, or another form of intervention, we will always tailor it to your needs. If adjustment is needed at any point, this is easily done. 
  • Multidisciplinary team – Cancer treatment requires a large team working together to give you the support, guidance, and treatment you need. With easy access to a wider healthcare team, including haematologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, pain management consultants, surgeons, and radiologists, you will always be well supported at every stage of your treatment. 
  • Recommended by patients – In an independent survey, 98% of our patients said they were likely or extremely likely to recommend The Hampshire Clinic to their friends and family.  
  • Location - Located in a picturesque village on the outskirts of Basingstoke, the hospital is close to both the M3 and M4 motorway and very easy to travel to. Our car park has 100 spaces and is free for patients and visitors. 

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