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Expert assessment and treatment of urological symptoms

With first-class facilities and expert Consultants, The Chiltern Hospital's Urology Unit delivers exceptional care in all aspects of the broad speciality.

As symptoms in this speciality could be linked with a diverse range of conditions, having fast access to the very best diagnostic minds and equipment is fundamental to identifying your condition and kickstarting your successful treatment.The Chiltern Hospital offers exactly this prompt and thorough service, whether by screening for all urinary or prostate cancers, treating kidney stones and urinary tract infections, or providing a range of surgical treatments for children, including circumcision and operations on undescended testicles.

While under the care of The Chiltern Hospital's Urology Unit, you can not only expect your Consultants' expert attention but the outstanding support of our whole team, who are committed to ensuring your experience with us is as peaceful and comfortable as possible. 

A Urology Consultant is trained to diagnose, manage and treat conditions relating to the renal tract, including the kidneys, bladder, prostate, scrotum and penis. Symptoms that should prompt a consultation with your urologist include: blood or pain when urinating, more frequent urination, and lower back pain.

These symptoms are common signs of a benign condition, such as prostate gland enlargement, a urinary tract infection, or kidney stones (sometimes known as renal stones). However, in some cases, these symptoms may be malignant and a sign of urological cancer, such as kidney cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer, or testicular cancer.

Of course, any issue relating to this area can be stressful and uncomfortable, so it is important to get ahead on your diagnosis in a safe environment with expert Consultants who can provide pain relief, as well as peace of mind, clarity and a plan for your recovery.

If your child requires a circumcision or has undescended testicles (age 3+), our urologists can handle these diagnoses and surgeries onsite.

To begin your time with us, book an appointment with a member of our friendly and welcoming team, which will be convenient for your schedule and as prompt as possible, with no waiting lists. If you have not been referred to us specifically, then you may wish to have a brief chat with our enquiry team, who will help to match you with the most appropriate Consultant based on their experience.

At your initial consultation, your Consultant will get to know your symptoms and concerns, learning about your medical history as well as your current symptoms, their triggers, and their timeframe. Based on this conversation, your Consultant will develop a diagnostic plan for the coming days, which they will talk you through at the end of the consultation.

Urological diagnostic tests may include an ultrasound, often used for the kidneys, bladder and testicles, a cystoscopy, which allows your Consultant to view the urethra and bladder lining through a camera, and urinalysis, in which a urine sample is tested for a wide range of conditions including kidney infections, urinary tract infections and diabetes.

Depending on your Consultant's recommendation, we will then arrange one or several tests over the coming days to investigate your condition and come to a diagnosis. All of the above tests are available onsite at The Chiltern Hospital, as well as MRI scans and facilities for screening all urological cancers.

Some of these tests will require the use of general anaesthetic, such as a cystoscopy, while others are as simple as dropping off a urine sample but rest assured that, whatever your next move is, your Consultant will explain the process to you in detail and answer any questions you have.

Following these tests, your Consultant will arrange to meet with you again and discuss your diagnosis and treatment options, which may include medical or surgical solutions, depending on the condition. For example, an enlarged prostate may be dealt with surgically through transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP), in which some of the prostate is cut away, or non-surgically with a prostate artery embolisation which blocks off arteries that feed the prostate, causing it to shrink.

Other surgical procedures include the fragmentation or removal of kidney stones, circumcision, and hydrocele surgery, which drains fluid out of the scrotum.

If your diagnosis requires oncological care, your Consultant will speak with our exceptional onsite Oncology unit to arrange the most effective treatment for you. It may be that your condition can be treated within the urological department through a surgical procedure. Surgeries include a radical prostatectomy, which is removing the prostate, or a bladder tumor resection, which is cutting out cancerous tissue in the bladder revealed by a cystoscopy.

These procedures range from a day case to a 1-2 night stay with us in hospital, under the care of our incredible team, who are committed to ensuring your wellbeing and comfort. Whether you are with us for an afternoon, a night, or a couple of nights, you will enjoy a clean and peaceful environment at The Chiltern Hospital.

There are other treatment paths for oncological diagnoses, which your Consultant may recommend, in close dialogue with our oncology team. These can include onsite chemotherapy and immunosuppressive therapies or offsite radiotherapy, facilitated by our relationship with local NHS trusts for any cancer treatments not available at the hospital. Once again, feel assured that your consultant will be with you every step of this journey to explain and advise you along the way.

It is natural for the broad and sensitive nature of this speciality to cause anxiety, and we understand that even booking a consultation may seem a daunting prospect. Rest assured, our experienced Urology Consultants are committed to ensuring that your journey is comfortable and clean, with no time wasted in getting you the proper care.

This is why they are with you from start to finish, leading your diagnosis and treatment and providing you peace of mind. 

The outstanding Oncology Department at The Chiltern Hospital is on hand for your Consultant to reach out to during your treatment at any time. This close network of cross speciality Consultants ensures that, should your condition require expert support in this area during diagnosis or treatment, it is on hand seamlessly. 

The exceptional facilities at The Chiltern Hospital include state-of-the-art operating theatres, cutting edge technology, and consultants at the top of their field.

While this guarantees you receive the very highest quality treatment with us, our attention to detail in your private room, the waiting rooms, and our refreshment facilities complete the outstanding healthcare experience. 

Speak with our friendly enquiry team today to book your initial consultation with an expert Urologist. 

Specialists offering Urology

Mr Jonathan Greenland

Consultant Urologist

MBChB, FRCS (Urol.)

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Mr Rob Gray

Consultant Urological Surgeon

BSc (Hons), MB ChB (Hons), FRCS (Urol)

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Mr Neil Haldar

Consultant Urologist


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