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Hip surgery

Hip surgery can help give you back movement that's free of pain and stiffness

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Hip surgery at The Chiltern Hospital, delivered by our highly qualified and vastly experienced orthopaedic hip consultants, utilises some of the most sophisticated techniques and technology available in the field.

The depth of expertise within our hip surgery unit assures outstanding results for patients with injuries, disorders and conditions relating to the hip and the surrounding muscles and ligaments. From common procedures like hip replacement surgery to treat osteoarthritis to cutting edge treatment for sports injuries, we offer the very best and most effective hip care for a swift recovery and a mobile future.

Each year our department performs over 1000 hip replacement surgeries and countless other complex and innovative procedures on a myriad of conditions relating to the hip. In every case, we are committed to our patients' fast and effective treatment within the calm, peaceful, and private environment of The Chiltern Hospital. The clean and comfortable facilities, coupled with our fantastic care team's unwavering support, help us to ensure you receive an exceptional care experience.

The hip is a fundamental joint in the human body for maintaining stable movement and balance while undertaking many everyday functions, such as walking and running. As a ball and socket joint, the hip allows a certain range of motion while providing enough stability to act as a weight-bearing part of the body.

For several reasons, the range of motion or level of stability in the hip can become insufficient for everyday life. This may be due to one significant trauma such as a sporting injury, regular wear and tear over many years, or through a condition such as osteoarthritis, which is a very common reason for hip replacement surgery. If you notice pain, stiffness and instability in this area, it is a good idea to consult a hip surgeon.

Hip surgery becomes necessary when the pain in your hip joint has become unbearable or inhibitive, or if the joint cannot provide the range of motion and support your need to walk, run, or live comfortably.

Severe inflammation in the muscles and tendons around the hip can sometimes also require surgery, though non-surgical options are usually sought in these cases. Indeed, there are often non-surgical solutions that may be considered before hip surgery, particularly in younger patients, such as stem cell and PRP injections. Your consultant will always discuss these options with you and how they relate to your condition and recovery. 

Hip replacement surgery is the most common hip surgery and is often made necessary because of osteoarthritis in the hip, though it may also be due to a hip fracture. A total hip replacement surgery involves replacing both the ball (femoral head) and socket (acetabulum) of the hip joint with prostheses. There are many variations of this surgery, some of which will only replace the femoral head, others which will utilise prostheses specific to your condition or injury. Often, consultants perform them as minimally invasive hip replacements, which have the advantage of minimal soft tissue trauma and a faster recovery. A revision hip replacement is a procedure for patients who have already had a hip replacement but require a further replacement or reconstruction.

Arthroscopic surgery is a form of keyhole surgery offered for several reasons, including a condition known as hip impingement. This condition, otherwise known as femoroacetabular impingement (FAI), occurs when the femoral head has pitched up against the acetabulum and caused damage to one or both parts of the joint. While this condition can sometimes be treated with lifestyle changes and physiotherapy, in some instances, surgery is required to repair the joint.

Both hip impingement and an injury known as a labral tear are precursors to osteoarthritis in the hip and should be treated as soon as possible. Once again, a labral tear, which is a tearing of the pelvic cartilage that cushions the femoral head, can sometimes be helped with physiotherapy and reduced trauma but may also require arthroscopic surgery. The consultants' techniques in these procedures, including reconstructing and regenerating hip cartilage, are some of the most advanced and cutting edge in the field.

The Chiltern Hospital offers a comprehensive service for hip arthroscopy, and our team have extensive experience with sports injuries, including hamstring, abductor and gluteal injuries. Alongside the outstanding surgical options, our consultant's integrated approach includes non-surgical solutions, both medical and therapeutic, as per each patients' condition. 

To book an appointment with one of our expert hip surgeons, get in touch with our enquiries team, who will help arrange a convenient time for your initial consultation. If you have not been referred to a specific consultant, our team will be happy to help you choose an appropriate specialist for your situation, depending on their relevant experience and expertise. This is also an opportunity for you to ask our team any questions you have at this stage.

At your initial consultation, your consultant will assess your symptoms and medical history, including any injury or known trauma to the area. If necessary, they will carry out a physical examination to support their diagnosis of your condition. After this, they will consider what diagnostic steps to take next and share this with you. The Chiltern Hospital is equipped with fantastic diagnostic facilities, and it is usual for a hip surgeon to request an X-ray or MRI scan at this stage to investigate further. It may be possible to carry out your next test on the day but, if not, you will arrange it for a convenient time within the following two weeks.

When the results are in, you will be invited for another appointment with your consultant, who will outline the diagnosis and their suggested treatment plan. This is an important discussion and a time to ask as many questions as possible about your options while considering your consultant's advice, the risks and benefits or each option, and your hopes and expectations for your lifestyle going forward. Our consultants know each patient is different, and the solution for a professional sports player may not be the same as someone who enjoys a walk in the park.

If you decide to have surgery with us and pay for your own treatment, we will offer you a fixed price quote, which will be sent to you in writing with no hidden costs. If you're using your medical insurance, you will need to obtain authorisation for treatment from your provider.

While receiving treatment at The Chiltern Hospital, you will have a calm, peaceful and comfortable experience. Our inpatients enjoy immaculate facilities and the care of our supportive staff, who are always on hand to help foster a relaxed and reassuring environment throughout your time with us. Your consultant will carry out your procedure in one of our state of the art operating theatres.

Your consultant will also ensure you are looked after by an expert physiotherapist after your procedure, who will create and oversee a complete recovery programme to maximise the benefits of your operation. 

Speak with our friendly enquiry team today to book your initial consultation with an expert consultant hip surgeon.

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