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Hip surgery in Greenwich

Operations to treat hip pain and stiffness for patients in Greenwich, Blackheath, Lewisham, South London and beyond

Hip surgery refers to any surgical procedure done on your hip joint.

At The Blackheath Hospital in South London, our team of experienced orthopaedic consultants offers hip surgery to people with severe hip pain who are finding their quality of life is significantly affected by their joint problems.

If you are struggling with a long-term or severe hip problem that can’t be managed effectively using non-surgical treatments, hip surgery might be the best choice for you.

Hip surgery can help improve or even eliminate pain and stiffness in your hip joint, giving you better, easier and safer movement once more.

Here at The Blackheath Hospital in London, our team of highly experienced Consultant Hip Surgeons provide fast access to assessment and treatment for a range of hip problems and conditions. Ideally located for people living in or around Greenwich, the hospital is easy to travel to and experienced staff provide an exceptional level of care at every stage.

Whether you have a pre-existing hip condition that you would like one of our consultants to assess or a new hip problem that is causing you concern or limiting your movements, a private consultation can help give you the clarity you need about the best way forward.

It is easy to book a private consultation at a time that is convenient for you. Either use our simple online booking system, or give us a call. 

Your hip joint is formed by your pelvis and thigh-bone (femur). The top part of your thigh-bone (the head of your femur, also known as your femoral head) sits inside a shallow cup-like part of your pelvis known as the acetabulum. This ‘ball and socket’ structure means that your hip has good mobility and stability.

The hip joint can be damaged by disease or injury, which will often cause pain and stiffness in the hip.

While many people will find their hip pain or stiffness resolves over a short period of time, others will find their symptoms continue (or even get worse).

Ongoing or severe hip problems can affect every part of life. It may mean that you:

  • Can no longer take part in a sport or activity you love
  • Are limited with the amount you’re able to walk
  • Struggle to keep up with the faster pace of life in London (by way of example, using the London Underground with its escalators and stairs can be far more challenging)
  • Are woken up (or kept awake) at night by your hip pain

Long-term hip or groin pain can be a real struggle to live with and can have a serious impact on your physical, mental and emotional health. The longer you wait for treatment for hip pain, the longer you will have to suffer.

If hip pain is impacting daily life, why not book a private consultation with us today to get expert assessment and treatment advice? We are here to help you.

“Hip pain can be massively debilitating for anyone. It significantly impacts their quality of life. Getting the right diagnosis and subsequent treatment can be life transforming. Not everyone needs a hip replacement, but if they do, they should know that it is described as the ‘Operation of the Century’.”

Mr Zameer Shah, consultant orthopaedic surgeon at The Blackheath Hospital.

If you do have pain or stiffness in your hip, you will not always need hip surgery. Non-operative treatments are normally used first, before any type of surgery is considered. Non-surgical treatments for hip pain include:

These will often help to relieve your symptoms and delay the need for hip surgery. If they are not effective, or become less effective over time, hip surgery may be an option. Your consultant will discuss this with you fully if this is the case.

Common hip problems that may end up needing surgery include:

  • Osteoarthritis in the hip
  • Hip impingement (also known as femoroacetabular impingement/FAI)
  • Hip bursitis
  • Trauma (this is normally treated in primary care, although our consultants can see you to review your recovery or if you would like a second opinion)

The consultant hip surgeons working at The Blackheath Hospital provide a range of surgical treatments for hip conditions, including: 

Hip replacement surgery

This is the most common type of hip surgery in the UK, carried out when osteoarthritis has caused damage to the joint.  The natural joint is removed and replaced with a new, artificial one to restore pain-free movement in the hip.

Hip replacement revision surgery

Just as our natural hips will become worn over time, so too hip replacements can wear out over time. When this happens, surgery can be done to replace the worn out joint with a new one.

Hip arthroscopy

A form of keyhole surgery, this allows your surgeon to see inside your hip joint using a very small camera. It can be used to diagnose and to treat several problems in the hip.

If surgery is advised, your consultant, will discuss the operation with you. They will explain:

  • How the operation will be carried out
  • What you should expect your recovery to be like
  • Any risks or potential complications you need to be aware of

If you have any question or concerns, they will be very happy to talk these through with you.

Hip surgery is one type of orthopaedic surgery. The NHS has a helpful website where you can see the current estimated NHS waiting time for orthopaedic surgery in different areas of London.

You may find it useful to visit that website if you need hip surgery in London, as it will give you a clear idea of how long you may need to wait for the operation.

Many people book private hip surgery at The Blackheath Hospital to avoid long delays, and to get out of pain and back to better mobility much sooner.

If you are considering private hip surgery, it is helpful to know how much it will cost. You can see our current prices for all the treatments available at The Blackheath Hospital on the treatment prices page.

The prices on that page are intended as a guide. For your peace of mind, we will send you written confirmation of the fixed-price fee after your consultation and once any diagnostic tests have been carried out.

This means you will know exactly how much your private hip surgery in London will cost.

For anybody living in or around Greenwich who is looking for the very highest standard of private care, we believe there is no better place to come for hip replacement surgery than The Blackheath Hospital.

Here are just three reasons people choose to have their private hip replacement surgery with us:

Rapid access to a leading expert

Long-term hip pain can make life miserable, and you won’t want to be waiting months to be seen. We can provide you with fast access to an experienced hip surgeon, who will determine the cause of your pain and talk you through suitable treatment options.

Waiting times for hip surgery do vary, but you will be seen far more quickly than would be possible on the NHS.

Tailored recovery

After hip surgery, a proper recovery is crucial to help you see the maximum benefits. Recovery does take time, and our experienced physiotherapy team will help you move safely and to get strength, flexibility and function back into your hip at a sensible pace. If you are paying for your own treatment, the cost of your aftercare is included in the price, so you don’t have to worry about extra charges down the line.

A great location

The Blackheath Hospital is easy to travel to by road or public transport. Our outpatient centre is in the heart of Blackheath village and sits next door to Blackheath train station. The main hospital is a short walk from the outpatient centre.

Whether you have been struggling with a hip problem for many years or you’ve only recently started noticing symptoms, our team of hip specialists are here to make sure you get the help you need.

We know just how frustrating and challenging hip pain can be, but we also know how beneficial the right treatment can be. We look forward to helping you.

Content reviewed by Mr Zameer Shah in April 2022. Next review due April 2025.

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