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Fast access to comprehensive private cancer treatment led by experienced consultant oncologists.

At Ross Hall Hospital, our Cancer Care Centre offers fast access to comprehensive private cancer treatment with all care led by experienced consultant oncologists.

They are supported by a multidisciplinary team consisting of specialist nurses, radiologists, pathologists, physiotherapists, pharmacists and complementary therapists.

Our team is on hand to provide appropriate support and advice for you when you need it most. Together, the team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in understanding what it takes to provide tailored care to individuals and their specific illness.

To provide an effective oncology service, we offer a range of private on-site diagnostics utilising modern facilities. All patients are offered private treatment in comfortable, light and airy private rooms, with family members and friends always welcome.

Every patient is important to us, and we endeavour to build strong relationships and take the time necessary to support each patient throughout their journey.

Whatever stage of the recovery journey you're at, we can provide the care you need. Book an initial appointment at Ross Hall Hospital's comprehensive oncology facility today.

Oncology is the medical speciality that is tasked with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, an obviously very devastating condition that comes in many forms and which affects many areas throughout the body.

Fortunately, research and development of cancer and how to treat it is constantly improving. Diagnostics and treatments are advancing quickly, with more patients benefiting from better technology to detect cancer earlier and treat it more effectively. Whilst many cancers are now highly treatable, getting the right treatment still requires highly trained specialists and a dedicated team to deliver it. 

Several different cancers are found around the body, and each requires its own specialists. Consultants from a variety of specialities work alongside oncologists to diagnose and treat cancer quickly and effectively. They are supported by dedicated teams from across the hospital to deliver a complete oncology service for a range of cancers.

The types of cancer treated at Ross Hall Hospital include:

  • Bladder
  • Bowel
  • Breast
  • Colon
  • Gynaecological
  • Lung
  • Oesophageal
  • Pancreatic
  • Prostate (read more about our dedicate prostate cancer centre)

We're proud to offer fast and accurate assessment and diagnosis of cancer and are able to provide fast access to a range of private on-site diagnostics, including blood testing, ultrasound, mammography, biopsy, CT, MRI and endoscopy.

If you are diagnosed with cancer, a bespoke treatment plan will be tailored to you by your consultant and an oncologist. Treatment will be conducted by the best assortment of oncology specialists from the experienced multidisciplinary team at Ross Hall Hospital.

Treatments offered at Ross Hall Hospital include:

  • Surgery to remove the cancer
  • Hormone Therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Immunotherapy

Some treatments for cancer are not available on-site at Ross Hall Hospital. To ensure you get a complete package of care, your oncologist will be able to arrange further treatment such as Radiotherapy at the local Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre.

A cancer diagnosis is always incredibly difficult news to receive. If you're being diagnosed with cancer at Ross Hall Hospital, your consultant and our specialist cancer nurses will be clear, empathetic and supportive. They will ensure you receive all of the information, guidance and support you need at this difficult time.

After a confirmed cancer diagnosis, patients will be referred to a consultant oncologist to discuss the diagnosis and prognosis and to determine the best course of action going forward. Usually, this appointment is available immediately or very quickly after the point of diagnosis to avoid anxious waiting and to ensure treatment gets started as soon as possible.

Under the care of your consultant and the oncologist, you'll also be supported by a specialist team, including a dedicated cancer nursing team. Your consultant and oncologist will create a tailored treatment plan for you, and we'll make sure you fully understand what's happening. We will answer any and all questions you may have, and we'll arrange the next stages of your treatment. 

During treatments such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy and hormone therapy, you'll be cared for in a comfortable, light and airy private room with family members and friends always welcome. Lunch and refreshments for both patients and visitors are available, with a selection of meals for you to choose from. The unit also offers a complementary therapist offering reflexology, massage and guided relaxation.

The Oncology Unit has 11 private en-suite rooms, and prior to each pulse of treatment, patients undergo a full clinical assessment, including their performance status and a review of any observations and treatment toxicity. This provides them with a complete individual and personal care programme tailored to their exact needs.

Every patient has 24-hour support from highly experienced oncology staff and is assessed and triaged in accordance with the UK Oncology Nursing Society (UKONS) triage system.

For the treatment of the various types of cancer, Ross Hall Hospital's dedicated oncology unit provides the most comprehensive private cancer care, with a leading multidisciplinary team in a comfortable environment.

Patients benefit from consultant lead treatment supported by an excellent team of cancer nurse specialists providing 1-1 care; each nurse will treat one patient at a time. Treatment can also be tailored and adapted to each individual patient. The day and time of treatment are entirely flexible to ensure your comfort. At Ross Hall Hospital, we are very proud of our oncology services and are pleased to offer:

  • Private cancer nursing team - Our dedicated team of cancer nurses at Ross Hall Hospital provide a crucial support service to both patients and consultant oncologists. Through a bespoke and personal approach, the team have created a comforting and relaxing environment for all patients at any stage of treatment.

  • Dedicated prostate cancer clinic - The Glasgow Prostate Cancer Clinic at Ross Hall Hospital is the only joint urological cancer clinic of its kind in west Scotland. You will be able to see the urologist and oncologist at the same time and have your treatment plan confirmed and approved within a short time. You will be managed by consultant urologists and oncologists who have a special interest in prostate cancer and can provide the most up to date treatment options and techniques, including IMRT/IGRT radical radiotherapy with rectal spacer devices or robot-assisted radical prostatectomy (RALP), in addition to a wide range of new treatment options including hormone therapy, chemotherapy and biological treatment. 

  • Private lung cancer services - Our lung cancer service provides a wide range of private treatments, including chemotherapy, immunotherapies, particular combinations of both, and targeted therapies. Each treatment plan available has been shown to provide improved patient outcomes compared to current lung cancer standards, and our highly experienced consultant oncologists who specialise in lung cancer will discuss and agree on the most appropriate plan with each patient.

  • A multidisciplinary team - To provide the most advanced cancer diagnostic and treatment, our oncology services are provided by a leading multidisciplinary team of consultant surgeons, oncologists and radiologists, specialist nurses, radiographers, pathologists, physiotherapists, pharmacists and complementary therapists. Our accomplished team works together to provide the best care for their patients, achieve fast, accurate diagnostics and provide the best treatment.

Suffering from cancer and enduring the treatment is a difficult and complex journey, so you'll want to make sure you are under the best possible care to help you through to the other side. Delivering an excellent experience for every single patient is important to us, and we endeavour to build strong relationships and take the time necessary to support each patient throughout their journey.

Give us a call to book your initial consultation with an oncology specialist.

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