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Endocrinology Services

Private Endocrinology Services at The Kings Park Hospital in Stirling.

If you’re looking for convenient, flexible, and fast consultant-delivered care for any endocrinology related conditions such as thyroid disease, PCOS, diabetes and weight-related disorders, The Kings Park Hospital in Stirling is the place to come.

Your Consultant Endocrinologist can see you for a consultation face-to-face in the hospital or by phone or video – saving you from having to travel, whether you live close by or are 300 miles away.

Our endocrinology department can fine-tune therapies for long-term hormone-based conditions such as diabetes, thyroid disease, and diseases of the ovary and adrenal glands, so you can get back to work and having a fulfilling life.

Endocrinologists are also increasingly treating obesity and weight disorders. If you attend our Weight Loss Centre in Stirling, you may see an endocrinology specialist as they sometimes work together with our weight loss surgeons.

Our friendly administrative teams will put you at your ease and help you feel at home when you book an appointment with one of our endocrinologists.

Endocrinology is a medical field that studies, diagnoses, and treats abnormalities to do with the body’s hormones secreted by glands and controlled by the endocrine system.

Most endocrinologists are dual accredited in both diabetology and endocrinology. It means they have an interest in diabetes as well as other hormone disorders.

Diabetes, an under-active or over-active thyroid, adrenal and pituitary diseases, obesity, and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) are the most typical hormonal disorders our consultant endocrinologists treat.

Almost all the treatments for endocrine diseases are drug therapies, but they may need adjusting over time to retain their effectiveness. Treating diabetes, in particular, has become increasingly complicated, and the number of drugs and their complexity means seeing an expert endocrine specialist is often the only way to get gold-standard care.

Those with thyroid disease can see one of our Consultant Endocrinologists when their medication is no longer as effective as it was. For example, if you constantly feel tired, your weight is not settled, and you’re still getting the symptoms associated with an underactive thyroid, our consultants can fine-tune your thyroid replacement therapy. This tailoring can help you feel more energised, healthy and aid in weight loss.

If you have diabetes, your consultant can achieve similar results by changing your regime to the right drug therapy while also reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease and associated events such as strokes.

You’ll need a referral letter from your GP or consultant when you’re booking an appointment with an extensively trained Consultant Endocrinologist at The Kings Park Hospital, which you can do online or by phone.

An accurate GP letter with details of your drugs, dosage, specific blood tests, and history, make for a far more fruitful consultation when combined with listening skills.

When you arrive at the hospital, your consultant will come and say hello and lead you into a private consulting room. The initial consultation is devoted to listening to your story and any worries and concerns you might have.

Most patients visiting the hospital to see an endocrinologist have already been diagnosed and are on treatment or considering treatment. So, visiting an endocrinologist is to do with controlling and managing your symptoms more effectively. 

The vast majority of diagnostics are blood tests and blood results, most of which your GP will have performed before referring you. However, should you require further blood tests, your consultant can carry these out.

Your consultant may refer you for an ultrasound, a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan or computerised tomography (CT or CAT) scan if blood tests are inconclusive; however, this is rare.

Your consultant will send you to our sister hospital, The Ross Hall Hospital in Glasgow, for MRI and CT scans, which take detailed images of the pituitary gland in the brain or the thyroid and adrenal glands. They could also book you in for an ultrasound scan at Kings Park Hospital.

Your Consultant Endocrinologist may refer you to a weight-loss consultant for obesity bariatric-related conditions. Endocrinologists also link up occasionally with radiologists to perform fine needle aspirations (a thyroid test) on patient’s necks and with thyroid surgeons at Ross Hall Hospital.

After the initial consultation, your consultant will create a management plan tailored to your complaint and needs.

Almost all treatments are drug therapies, which your consultant will refer to your GP, who will prescribe them for you. 

There will also be a follow-up appointment, either by email, phone or face-to-face, with your consultant, to discuss how you are getting on with your treatment and for you to ask any further questions you may have.

Most patients feel better once their treatment is modified.

You don’t have to wait long to see an expert specialist in endocrinology at The Kings Park Hospital, and you can book an appointment at a time and day convenient for you.

You’ll receive modified and fine-tuned treatments that will help you to get back to your normal activities fast.

It’s hard for GPs and others healthcare professionals in primary care to keep up with the ever-changing and increasing number of drugs that pharmaceuticals are developing to treat diabetes and other endocrine disorders. Seeing a specialist in endocrinology can help you get back to being the best version of yourself quickly.

Your Consultant Endocrinologist is nationally renowned in endocrinology and has a sub-speciality in diabetes (diabetologist). In addition, our consultants have the expertise in the latest medications and combinations of therapies that will give you the best-targeted results.


  • Closeness to other specialists such as weight loss surgeons and thyroid surgeons, so they can refer you if required.
  • Decades of specialist training in endocrinology and diabetes and active participation in research.
  • Seamless referrals for diagnostic tests, including ultrasound, MRI and CT scans.
  • Appointments can be face-to-face, by phone or online via a video call, so if you live afar or prefer not to come into the hospital, that’s not a problem.

Specialists offering Endocrinology Services

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Kings Park Hospital

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