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Dermatology Services

Private Dermatology Services at The Kings Park Hospital in Stirling.

The Kings Park Hospital offers a comprehensive dermatology service. Our skin specialists (Dermatologists) diagnose and care for all skin conditions, including skin cancers, rashes, and hair, scalp and nail disorders.

Over 2,000 diseases of the skin, hair, and nails  give our experienced dermatologists 2,000 possible diagnoses.

The main treatments we offer are:

  • Removal of moles (nevi) and skin growths (lesions)
  • Photodynamic therapy (PDT) - a non-surgical treatment that uses light to destroy certain types of cancer
  • Cryotherapy - which uses liquid nitrogen to freeze off sunshine-damaged areas of the skin
  • Investigation patch testing (cutaneous allergy) to detect the cause of allergic contact dermatitis (eczema)
  • Steroid lotions for itchy scalp conditions and diagnoses of unexpected hair-thinning or hair loss

We offer direct bookings with a Consultant Dermatologist and are happy to see patients with a GP referral or those wishing to self-refer.

You’ll be well cared for from the moment you enter the hospital, and once you have been introduced to your consultant, they will show you to a private consultation room.

Your Consultant Dermatologist will give you the time you need to explain your concerns and answer any questions you have about moles, skin growths, changes in the skin, or the nature of unexpected hair loss and nail disorders.

During the consultation, your dermatologist will lead you through aspects of your medical history. They will often examine the skin visually or with a handheld dermoscope (a test for moles and benign skin growths using a polarising light).

Sometimes a blood test is performed in the same setting. A plan for a biopsy or removal, or patch testing, may also be arranged to be done at a later date, giving you the chance to mull things over.

If you’re having surgery to remove a mole or growth, you’ll be led to an outpatient treatment room. It’s a room dedicated to minor procedures that we carry out with local anaesthetic.

We also specialise in photodynamic therapy, an incredibly safe, non-surgical treatment that treats certain types of cancer. In part one of the treatment, your Consultant Dermatologist will put a light-sensitive cream on your skin. When you return to the clinic, they will shine an LED light on the area to be treated.

Dermatologists often use cryotherapy, - freezing damaged skin areas- to treat warty growths and certain pre-cancerous skin changes.

The dermatology clinic at The Kings Park Hospital offers quick and comprehensive diagnoses and treatments for skin, hair and nail conditions, as well as advice on moles, growths and hair loss.


  • Speed - you’ll be able to see a highly qualified and experienced Consultant Dermatologist within 7 days and sometimes even quicker.

  • Reassurance - we provide an opportunity to gain interpretation of something that’s worrying you, reassuring you that it is not cancer or diagnosing skin cancer early.

  • Listening - your consultant won’t be pushed for time, and you can ask as many questions as you like.

  • Quality - the service you receive at The Kings Park Hospital is first-class, whether it’s a friendly welcome from the team at reception, care and support from outpatient nurses or excellent clinical care from expert and experienced consultants.

The Kings Park Hospital is one of a limited number of places in Scotland that offers photodynamic therapy, attracting many patients outside the central belt.

Dermatologists are effective gatekeepers to other disciplines as well and can refer you to other consultants if required. 

Specialists offering Dermatology Services

Dr Colin Morton

Consultant Dermatologist

MBChB(Glasgow), MRCP(UK), MD(Glasgow), FRCP(UK)

Kings Park Hospital

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