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Breast Surgery

Private Breast Surgery at Kings Park Hospital in Stirling.

The Kings Park Hospital’s central Scotland location makes it convenient for a large population of women to access breast clinic consultations, diagnostics and treatment.

The hospital has a professional but friendly atmosphere and is fully equipped to provide safe, expert care. We have a range of male and female Consultant Breast Surgeons who each have their specialist areas, providing you with a choice of the most appropriate consultant.

Breast clinic consultations, assessments and surgery take place at the hospital. We can arrange further investigations such as mammograms and breast ultrasounds at The Ross Hall Hospital in Glasgow.

Kings Park Hospital has full-time cover from a Resident Medical Doctor and experienced nurses. If surgery with an overnight stay is required, we’ll provide you with a private en-suite room with a TV and WiFi.

There are three types of breast surgery – one for breast cancer, another for benign breast disease, and the third, cosmetic breast surgery.

Only some Consultant Breast Surgeons carry out the full spectrum of procedures, including complex reconstructive, oncoplastic, and revisional techniques to reshape and improve breasts’ look following previous surgery. 

At The Kings Park Hospital, our Consultant Breast Surgeons are trained in breast cancer surgery and use both surgical and plastic (oncoplastic) surgery techniques during breast conservation surgery.

You can expect excellent service and after-care at our breast clinic at The Kings Park Hospital. You can self-refer to see one of our consultants, or your GP can refer you.

Our reception team will check you into the hospital and show you to the waiting area before being led into one of our private rooms for a one-to-one consultant-led consultation.

At your appointment, your specialist breast surgeon will take the time to listen to your concerns and desires, as well as your medical history, the medicines you’re taking, and details of any previous procedures.

Your specialist will give you a complete breast examination to check your breast health. Our breast clinic can provide a chaperone if you’d like one during top-torso examinations and imaging.

At Kings Park Hospital, our Consultant Breast Surgeons specialise in:

  • Benign breast disease - cysts, fibroadenoma, breast infections, nipple discharge and nipple fistula
  • Breast cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Reconstruction after breast cancer - implant-based reconstruction, lipofilling and fat-transfer to improve the aesthetic appearance following breast surgery and symmetrisation surgery (making both sides look the same)
  • Male breast surgery - gynaecomastia (male breast reduction)

We can book x-rays and blood tests on the day at The Kings Park Hospital.

Should your consultant recommend a mammogram or a breast ultrasound, these would take place at a later date at The Ross Hall Hospital in Glasgow.

A mammogram screens for cancer and other breast diseases, and a breast ultrasound creates a picture of the breast’s inside.

We can do investigations such as a biopsy very quickly if cancer is suspected. If it’s a palpable lump, your consultant breast surgeon will carry this out at The Kings Park Hospital. If the biopsy needs to be done under imaging guidance, this will be done by a Consultant Radiologist.

You’ll have a pre-operative (pre-op) assessment before your procedure which one of our nurses will carry out.

On the day of your operation, you will be introduced to your anaesthetist who will administer your anaesthetic. Most procedures are carried out under a general anaesthetic (although some things can be done using a local anaesthetic). After your surgery, you’ll return to your private room to recover.

If appropriate, you may also see one of our physiotherapists after your breast treatment and before you are discharged.

If you find a lump in your breast or under your arm or are worried about nipple discharge, you will want to deal with it fast and effectively.

At The Kings Park Hospital, our highly skilled and experienced Consultant Breast Surgeons will see you quickly and either put your mind at rest, arrange for tests and investigations, or provide you with a diagnosis and treat any condition as soon as possible.

You’re assured of specialist treatment and the utmost care from The Kings Park Hospital.

The hospital is outside the city of Stirling and is easy to get to from all compass points. Parking is also free.

Specialists offering Breast Surgery

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Consultant General & Breast Surgeon


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Ms Lucy Khan

Consultant Breast Surgeon

MB ChB, BSc (Hons) (Med Sci), FRCS (Ed) (General & Breast), MFST (Ed)

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