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Audiology Services

Private Audiology Services at The Kings Park Hospital in Stirling.

Do you experience hearing issues or have problems with earache? At The Kings Park Hospital, we have expert hearing specialists (audiologists) who offer quick appointments to investigate and treat common issues.

Our highly qualified and experienced Consultant Audiologists are regulated to carry out tests and evaluations to determine what’s causing symptoms such as earache (otalgia), hearing loss, or balance issues and work with you to decide on an appropriate way forward.

They can advise on and fit hearing aids, create custom-made swimming plugs and digital hearing protectors, and assist in medicolegal cases.

Kings Park Hospital is located in central Stirling, it is easy to reach by public transport and car, and it has free parking. Appointments can be arranged within seven days and are at a date and time to suit you.

Do you have difficulty hearing people in conversation or group situations? Are you turning up the TV? Or do you feel as if your ears are bunged up, or there’s humming, ringing or buzzing (tinnitus) in your head? If so, one of our hearing experts (audiologists) may be able to help.

Audiologists carry out various screening and tests to diagnose loss of hearing, tinnitus and problems with dizziness and balance (vestibular). Through evaluation and audiometry tests, they can determine the type of hearing loss and its severity.

They can also diagnose the cause of recurrent earache and discharge (otorrhea), which might be down to an infection of the outer or middle ear, glue ear or a perforated eardrum.

In addition to advising and fitting hearing aids, our consultant audiologists at The Kings Park Hospital can also custom-fit hearing protection technology.

They can customise digital hearing protectors to the shape of the ear for sports such as shooting. The headphones have an inbuilt microphone. As soon as the shotgun is charged, it digitally compresses the signal to protect the ears.

Audiology is highly regulated, with Consultant Audiologists governed by and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). Only a recognised clinical audiologist can order customised hearing protection from the manufacturer.

Our audiologists can also provide custom-made silicon swimming plugs for swimmers who have had recent surgery, suffer recurring ear infections, have a long-standing perforation, or have ear grommets.

Lawyers can also request a medicolegal opinion from our audiologists, who will assess and make recommendations when employees claim negligence or for employee medicals.

For example, they can assess whether employment in a particular industry caused someone noise-induced hearing loss. Or they may be contacted by the public defence office to evaluate whether a client would have difficulty in hearing situations.

Our Consultant Audiologists see patients referred by their GP or another consultant, such as an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist. They are also happy to see patients who wish to self-refer.

When you arrive at the hospital, you’ll be welcomed by our friendly reception team and then shown by your consultant audiologist into their consulting room.

During the hour-long consultation, they will ask you about the history of your problem and any concerns you have. 

Their questions will cover family history, the nature of the pain and discharge, your general health, medication you’re taking (some drugs affect hearing), and noise exposure in the past.

Your Consultant Audiologist will then examine your ears and do various tests looking at the hearing and middle ear function. These tests include a loudness discomfort test to check your tolerance to loud noises and acoustic reflex measurements to test for tinnitus, outer ear infection and sensitivity to specific sounds (hyperacusis).

They have a variety of instruments at their disposal. These include an otoscope to look into your ears, a tuning fork, a camera to look deep inside your ear, a diagnostic audiometer to test hearing and a tympanum to record middle ear pressures.

Your consultant may take an impression of your ear if you require swimming plugs custom fitted. The process is similar to the impressions a dentist takes. Using a syringe, they’ll mix the silicone, put an ear block (cotton block) into the ear canal, and syringe the putty over it, leaving it until it’s hard. Then, the impression is removed and sent to the manufacturer.

Once your consultant has made a diagnosis, they’ll offer you a management outcome strategy. For example, one recommendation could be that there’s nothing untoward, but you’re becoming a bit deaf, in which case they’ll advise you about hearing aids and the best options if you want to go down that route.

Treatments vary for ear infections and can range from painkillers to antibiotics. If they feel further investigation or intervention is required, they may refer you to an ENT consultant at Kings Park Hospital. Some test results may be a ‘red flag’ that might mean a scan is required to confirm it. For example, a tiny, rare, non-cancerous (benign) tumour in the ear (acoustic neuroma) usually causes no symptoms but they can affect balance if they get bigger.

Other treatments offered by our consultant audiologists include tinnitus counselling and white noise generating devices that help people manage tinnitus.

If you require a referral to an ENT consultant or any other specialist, your consultant audiologist and the hospital will arrange this for you.

It’s essential to swiftly act if you hear buzzing or ringing in your ear or you notice you’re having difficulty hearing people in certain situations. Prompt action means you can be provided with a diagnosis quickly and receive management and treatment rapidly.

The same is true of earache, which can be painful, especially if you keep getting it or it goes on for a long time and doesn’t respond to treatment such as over-the-counter painkillers like ibuprofen or a warm compress on the ear.

You can see a registered Consultant Audiologist at The Kings Park Hospital fast and find out what’s causing the problem, whether it’s temporary hearing loss caused by an infection or permanent hearing loss as you age.

An audiologist can help by advising on the most suitable treatment, including the best options for hearing aids and other devices.

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