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Private MRI, ultrasound & x-ray in Hendon

At Hendon Hospital, our private diagnostic imaging department offers fast access to investigations for patients that live in Hendon and further afield.

The Imaging Centre at Hendon Hospital offers fast and direct access to a wide range of diagnostic services using the most advanced techniques on specialised equipment. Our Imaging Centre is staffed by dedicated and experienced Consultant Radiologists who are available to report diagnostic images, provide clinical advice to referring colleagues and carry out interventional radiology procedures.  Further details on individual practitioners are available on request.

The Imaging Centre offers:

  • General radiography
  • Mammography
  • Diagnostic ultrasound/ (provided in partnership with CDS)
  • Digital fluoroscopy for interventional and angiographic procedures
  • MRI scanner
  • CT Dental Scanner

Our radiographers and consultant radiologists provide a fully comprehensive service from Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings. Beyond our normal hours there is always an ‘on-call’ service.

Referral to the centre is by written request from a medical practitioner.

To contact the Imaging Centre call: 020 8203 3684

To contact CDS Ultrasound call: 020 8732 3070

General radiography

Our dedicated general x-ray rooms deal with all basic x-ray procedures including orthopaedic radiography, intravenous urography. The rooms are well equipped, spacious and designed to accommodate all patients including those in chairs and beds. All images taken are scanned on to our digital PACS system, which can be put on to CD if required.


The mammography unit is staffed by fully accredited radiographers. The unit offers general mammography as well as more specialised views. Mammography’s are used to aid biopsy and fine needle aspiration of soft tissue lesions. Our accredited consultant radiologists performing these techniques are specialists in this field.

Diagnostic ultrasound

The Imaging Centre has two ultrasound units, including one situated permanently within the outpatient consulting suite for the use of our visiting consultants. A full range of diagnostic ultrasound examinations are available at the centre. These range from general abdomen and pelvic, obstetric and gynaecological studies, follicular tracking, soft tissue joints and breast imaging. We also provide specialist scanning ranging from cardiac studies such as echocardiography and colour doppler flow studies of vessels. Ultrasound guided transrectal prostatic biopsies, breast biopsies and drainage procedures are also undertaken by our consultants.

Digital fluoroscopy

Our digital fluoroscopy unit enables us to watch images in ‘real time’ on a TV monitor as patients undergo procedures such as barium studies and various interventional procedures (nephrostomy, and joint injections)

MRI scanner

MRI has become an invaluable tool in the detection and monitoring of many diseases. MRI uses a combination of strong magnetic fields and radio waves to produce exquisitely detailed images of any part of the body. MRI is generally safe and can be used for most age groups. Our top of the range MRI scanner comes with a full range of dedicated coils and software packages.

The dedicated coil arrangements allow us to carry out examinations of all body areas including all joints, brain, spine, abdomen, pelvic and MR angiography; including brain, carotid, renal, peripheral and cardiac. Whole body imaging is available with this technology and we are one of the few centres to offer breast imaging. Unfortunately patients with cardiac pacemakers or aneurysm clips within the brain are still excluded from MRI.

The unit is a furnished with a sophisticated 1.5Tesla GE Signa HDx magnet MRI scanner along with powerful gradients, which enable it to perform a high quality of cardiac examinations and also neurological, muscular skeletal and body imaging. It is one of the few centres in North of London to perform Stress Perfusion Cardiac scans.

CT Dental Scanning

Hendon Hospital is pleased to house a specialised 3D dental CT scanner. The Morita Accuitomo 8x8cm cone beam CT scanner provides high-definition 3D dental and ENT images.

CT Dental scans are carried out by our dedicated radiology team and provide your referring dentist with information on the condition of your mouth and teeth, before planning any structural procedures such as implants.

The scan provides a comprehensive perspective of all parts of the mouth, jaw and gums, which are not normally visible with a routine dental examination. A CT scan is essential when considering dental implants or TMJ treatments, orthodontics and for assessing the impacted teeth.

Benefits of having a CT dental scan:

  • A comfortable and quick scan experience in an upright seated position
  • Significantly lower radiation doses compared to a traditional CT scan
  • High quality 3D images to assist with diagnosis and treatment plans
  • Fast access to and reporting on CT scans where required
  • Short waiting times for CT scans, with convenient opening hours

How to access treatment?

To find out more about our CT scanning services please contact the imaging department on 020 8203 3684, who will be able to assist you.

CDS Ultrasound offers:

  • Advanced ultrasound scanning
  • Early pregnancy screening
  • Standard NuchalTest
  • ComprehensiveScreening Test
  • The “HarmonyBloodtest”
  • Ovarian screening 


Specialists offering Imaging centre

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