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Cutting-edge technology and equipment

Our facilities boast some of the latest equipment and technologies, to help accelerate your recovery or manage your condition. Some of these include:

The AlterG anti-gravity treadmill uses technology originally developed for astronauts by NASA to speed up your rehabilitation by getting you moving sooner in a pain-free environment, or to enable you to train longer and harder than you could unaided, without risk of injury.

With specially developed shorts that zip into the device like a canoe spray deck, it calibrates by measuring your weight. Then by generating a vacuum, it can be used to take away up to 80% of your body weight, reducing impact on damaged joints and creating an optimum environment for gait re-education, running and exercises. Progression can be provided by gradually increasing the weight-bearing load or the speed and incline of the treadmill.

Mo Farah and Gareth Bale are among the many athletes to use the AlterG, for training and recovery. It is suitable for patients with almost any lower limb injury that prevents you from running, apart from unstable fractures.

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Ring 0121 820 5700 to find out more about how the AlterG and our other high-tech equipment could benefit you, and to book a session in our rehabilitation facilities in Birmingham and Reading.

Experience the most accurate assessment possible of running motion.

Most gait analysis systems capture information in two dimensions. 3D Gait, developed by Canada’s Running Injury Clinic, uses infrared cameras to track the position of small reflective markers, to precisely measure the movement patterns of your ankle, knee, hip and pelvis in all three dimensions (flexion/extension, abduction/adduction, and rotation).

Results are analysed against the world’s largest database of 3D biomechanical walking and running data, to quantify injury risk, assess biomechanical efficiency and performance, and recommend appropriate footwear.

3D Gait is suitable for assessing any lower limb or spinal problems.

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Rare to find in the UK, DAVID Spine Concept is the ultimate evaluation and treatment system for back disorders, using carefully targeted movement to address the cause of back pain.

Circle’s Nordic Health spinal strengthening kit looks like gym equipment. The DAVID Health Solutions technology it contains is the culmination of the company’s 35 years of experience building biomechanically optimised rehabilitation and training devices.

The spinal devices at Circle mobilise the lumbar and thoracic spine to activate your extensor, flexor and rotation muscles. Each machine is programmed to capture a range of motion in one joint direction, measuring your available range and how well you’re doing as you perform exercises, offering feedback on an electronic display. When you finish on a device, you enter whether the exercise was too difficult, too easy or just right. The device adjusts accordingly when you next register on it with a bespoke swipe card. Your use of the machine is overseen by a physiotherapist.

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The DAVID equipment is suitable for patients with a broad spectrum of lower back or lumber spine injuries. Call 0121 820 5700 to find out more about how it can benefit you.

The Biodex Balance System  measures the control and strength of isolated muscle groups, to unparalleled standards of accuracy.

It has six different operational modes, and a clear interface comparing your performance to average results for your age and build. It has a wide range of diagnostic applications, showing for example when someone is ready for a return to sport (if a joint is 10% weaker, you are four times more likely to reinjure yourself).

Book a session at our rehab gym at Circle Rehabilitation for an assessment on the Biodex System 4, and to try out our other rehab equipment. 

Click here for information on the Biodex Balance System 4 

The last word in aquatic therapy, offering water-based movement and exercise in an easy access unit with underwater lighting and temperature control.

The Hydro Physio is a walk-in unit with an integrated treadmill which can be filled with water from calf- to shoulder-height. It allows you to improve your gait, walking forwards, backwards and sideways to improve your balance and strength in a controlled way.  You can also perform exercises on it such as squats. It lets you start rehabilitation sooner and recover more quickly than land-based therapies.

The buoyancy of the water reduces the load on painful joints, water resistance cushions weak muscles and limbs, and the warm water temperature relaxes muscles and reduces pain. The Hydro Physio is an alternative to the AlterG anti-gravity treadmill offering more assistance, suitable for those recovering from spinal, lower and upper limb injuries and for neurological patients.

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To find out how the Hydro Physio and our other high-tech equipment could benefit you, or to book a session in our rehabilitation facility at Circle Reading Hospital, please ring 0118 922 6970.

By using the most modern technologies such as robotics, sensor technology, virtual reality, and gamification, patients are guided through the rehabilitation process more intensively and motivationally.

Our Tyromotion studio at Circle Rehabilitation is equipped with the latest technology:

AMADEO - rehabilitation therapy for hands

The manufacturer of AMADEO tells us is the world’s most advanced, evidence-based robotic-assisted hand therapy device. The AMADEO is uniquely designed for rehabilitation of the hand, fingers and thumb. The hand rehabilitation robot can be used in all phases of rehabilitation from the early stages of recovery or even if your illness or injury was several years ago the AMADEO can help.

The AMADEO has the ability to achieve a high number of consistent and accurate repetitions of hand movements that are unable to be achieved by traditional hands on therapies alone. It helps to regain movement in your hand and works on the flexibility of the muscles and joints. It can target the whole hand or an individual finger/thumb.

Therapists can choose different tasks on the AMADEO including passive, supportive and active exercises. Therapy programs are tailored to your individual needs and goals adapted and changed, depending on the progress made during the course of therapy.

AMADEO also helps to improve the strength in your fingers and/or hand. It works to reduce spasticity helping you to regain movement. People who use AMADEO say the games keep the training varied and interesting and the feedback AMADEO gives is clear and motivating


  • Can provide continuous simulation of natural gripping movements
  • Ideal for all phases of neurological rehabilitation in the form of active, supportive and passive therapies
  • Provides measurement of the muscle activity and strength
  • Gives the therapists and patients integrated real-time biofeedback
  • Facilitates high-intensity rehabilitation 

TyroS Software

As with all Tyromotion devices the AMADEO comes with the TyroS software which enables therapists to assess the movement in your hands and fingers more accurately than traditional therapy methods. Your individual therapy progress is then recorded and monitored and in a can be recalled at any time so you can see how you well are progressing. Your progress can be graphically displayed on screen and provides ‘real’ evidence of your progression.

MYRO - brain activities to hone reaction and motor skills

MYRO is an unique interactive therapy surface that it reacts not only to motion but also to pressure.  It can be used in a multitude of different of ways with the MYRO sensors allowing real-life exercises with everyday objects on its responsive surface.

MYRO can be adapted to your individual needs and can be positioned horizontally and vertically. It is height-adjustable, and the work-surface can be tilted from 0 to 90 degrees. Its responsive surface can be scaled to your ability and reach meaning your training to be personalised to your individual performance. The MYRO create opportunities to work on specific movement patterns such as wiping the windows or cleaning the table. MYRO can also be used for memory exercises, planning and concentration.

TyroS Software

As with all Tyromotion devices the MYRO comes with the TyroS software which enables therapists to assess the movement more accurately than traditional therapy methods. Your individual therapy progress is then recorded and monitored and in a can be recalled at any time so you can see how you well are progressing. Your progress can be graphically displayed on screen and provides ‘real’ evidence of your progression.

Everyday objects can be incorporated with MYRO such as cups, keys and pens and MYROs surface responds to your movement and pressure. The MYRO provides an opportunity for you to work on specific movements such as wiping or cleaning the table. It can also be used for memory exercises, planning and concentration.

TYROSTATION, PABLO and TYMO - motion sensing for body positioning

The TYROSTATION acts as a home to PABLO & TYMO and also provides perfect ergonomic adaptability for every patient


PABLO is a motion sensor and biofeedback device that supports relearning of both upper body and lower body movements. As part of the upper body PABLO works on, head, trunk, arm, hand and finger movements including grasping, reaching, pinching, and lifting.

On the lower body PABLO can provide feedback on your feet and legs. It is a great all-rounder. The PABLOs unique design enables you to exercise in a number of postures and positions incorporating kneeling, sitting and standing, this in turn helps with your balance and core stability, whilst the motion sensors gives you feedback about your performance.

PABLO offers motivating and progressively challenging games to improve rehabilitation outcomes.

The set-up of PABLO can be individually tailored your ability keeping therapy fun and motivating.

TYMO Therapy Plate

TYMO therapy plate can be used in a number of different positions including sitting, standing, side lying, kneeling. It enables individuals to target specific muscles in the legs, arms core to help improve strength, control, and balance. The TYMO therapy plate also comes with visual feedback assessment and games. This means therapy with TYMO is fun and motivating.

TyroS Software

Tyromotions TyroS software provides accurate assessment and evaluation programs as well as the large selection of therapy games help with motivate patients to undertake and therapy tasks.  With PABLO & TYMO therapy progress is easily monitored and therapy successes are visible to patients on the screen giving immediate and rewarding feedback. Even if you cannot patients cannot feel the progress, they can see see it visually on the screen.

Shockwave therapy is a non-surgical therapy that is used as part of rehabilitation to promote recovery by providing pain relief as well as mobility restoration.

Shockwave therapy is a multidisciplinary device used in sports medicine, orthopaedics, and physiotherapy. It can be used in a number of musculoskeletal conditions, including tendon problems, bursitis, and bone injuries.

The treatment initiates a pro-inflammatory response, an inflammation-like condition, in the tissue that is being treated. Blood circulation and metabolism in the area increases, which in turn accelerates the healing process. The shockwaves break down scar tissue and bony deposits stimulating new healing.

To find out how the Shockwave Therapy and our other high-tech equipment could benefit you, or to book a session in our rehabilitation facility at Circle Reading Hospital, please ring 0118 911 4670 .

Circle Rehabilitation has a range of premium gym equipment, for rehab exercises, and also has the capability to perform physiological testing for sports performance, including lactate threshold and VO2 max testing.

The Concept2 is the best-selling make of indoor rowing machine across the world. It includes a performance monitor which offers immediate feedback on every pull you take, and performance data at the end of the session calibrated so you can compare yourself against anyone using a Concept2 rower worldwide. The variable damper setting and option of using partial or no leg compression makes the Concept2 particularly suitable for rehabilitation.

Lactate values help determine, more accurately than heart rate alone, the correct training intensity to increase power and endurance.

VO2 max is your maximum oxygen consumption rate as measured during incremental exercise. It reflects a person’s level of aerobic fitness and is an important determinant of their endurance capacity.

The gym equipment sits in our rehabilitation facility alongside high tech rehab machines such as the AlterG and the Hydro Physio aqua jogger.

For more information on our gym equipment visit Concept 2.

Walking therapy offering an accelerated rehabilitation pathway for neurological patients.

People with neurological conditions could benefit from the Thera Trainer Lyra equipment, which helps them towards a goal of being able to walk without the need for a wheelchair. 

The equipment helps people to increase their pace, provide persistance and improve the gait pattern.

All the training logs are sent to the therapist's smartphone and tablet, and progress saved.

Visit the Thera Trainer Lyra site for more information