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Knee surgery in Northwood, Middlesex

Knee surgery can help give you back movement that’s free of pain and stiffness

Sports injuries and general ‘wear and tear’ as we age are common causes of knee pain.  

Many knee injuries will get better over time, but if your symptoms last, or are particularly limiting, you may want the reassurance of further investigations and expert advice. 

Bishops Wood Hospital is located in Northwood in North West London, in the London Borough of Hillingdon. People visit us from local areas including Rickmansworth, Chorleywood, Pinner, Ruislip and Amersham, as well as Uxbridge, Chalfont and Watford. We also welcome patients from across the UK as well as abroad. When you go private, you can choose which hospital and which consultant are the best fit for you. 

At Bishops Wood, our consultant knee surgeons assess, diagnose and treat all knee conditions, helping people to get out of pain and back to better mobility and function once more. Whether you’re suffering from arthritis in your knee, damage to a ligament or meniscus or poor alignment of the knee joint itself, we would be delighted to help you. 

Many causes of knee pain can be resolved with assessment, reassurance and suitable advice. If further treatment is needed, whether physiotherapy, sports therapy, cortisone injections or surgery, it can be easily arranged for you here at Bishops Wood Hospital. We also offer Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injections and Shock-wave therapy (SWT). 

Common reasons people come to see a knee surgeon include: 

  • Sports injuries 
  • Knee pain 
  • Knee swelling 
  • Anterior knee pain (pain in front of knee) 
  • Cartilage injuries 
  • Meniscus tears
  • Ligament injuries – the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is the most commonly injured 
  • Kneecap dislocation 
  • Osteoarthritis 
  • Tendonitis – inflammation of a tendon in the knee 
  • Iliotibial band (ITB) syndrome  

If your knee symptoms don’t respond suitably to non-surgical (conservative) treatment options, you may be advised that surgery will be needed to successfully resolve the problem. 

The knee surgeons here at Bishops Wood Hospital provide the full spectrum of surgical treatments available, including: 

  • Keyhole surgery (knee arthroscopy) 
  • Joint preservation 
  • Partial meniscus resection 
  • Meniscus repair 
  • Ligament reconstruction 
  • Patella (kneecap) stabilisation 
  • Knee re-alignment (Distal femoral osteotomy & High tibial osteotomy) 
  • Total knee replacement 
  • Partial knee replacement, including kneecap (PFJ) replacement 

When you meet with your consultant at Bishops Wood, they will take your medical history and ask you to describe your symptoms. They may ask you questions like: 

  • What symptoms do you have? 
  • When did you first notice these symptoms?  
  • Have your symptoms been getting worse? 
  • If you have pain in the knee, where is it and what does it feel like?  
  • Have you tried any treatments already? If so, did they help? 
  • Are you particularly worried or concerned about any of your symptoms? 

Your consultant will carry out a physical examination of your knee, and possibly your hip, back or lower leg if they suspect a problem in any of these places. 

Depending on your symptoms and the physical examination of your knee, you may be referred for additional tests or investigations. With X-ray, CT, MRI and ultrasound on-site, we can arrange these for you easily and quickly where required.   

Once the results of any tests are back and your consultant has been able to confirm a diagnosis, they will talk through the results with you and discuss suitable treatment options.  

For some conditions, your consultant may carry out a type of keyhole surgery known as a knee arthroscopy. A few small cuts are made in your knee and a flexible tube (arthroscope) with a light and camera attached is passed into the joint. This transmits a real-time video feed to a screen, giving your surgeon a clear view inside the knee joint. If any problems are seen, such as a ligament tear or damage to the cartilage, they may be able to be corrected at the same time, avoiding the need for further surgery. 

From assessment and diagnosis through to treatment and post-surgical care, we are here for you. Your consultant will explain how your surgery will be done and what results you should expect to see as a result.  

Any type of surgery has risks and potential complications. Your consultant will discuss these with you to ensure you have the details you need to make an informed decision about any treatment. If you have any questions or concerns, they will be very happy to talk these through with you. 

People choose Bishops Wood for their knee treatments for a variety of reasons. Some have been referred to us by their GP, physiotherapist, sports physiotherapist or osteopath. Others have been recommended to us by friends or family members.  

Many of our patients have private medical insurance, but it’s important to realise that you don’t need to have this to have treatment at Bishops Wood Hospital. Self-pay options are available. We offer very competitive and transparent package deals, including the option to spread out the costs over a year with no interest charges. 

Whether you live close by in Northwood itself, elsewhere in Middlesex or will be visiting us from further afield, you will benefit from:  

  • Rapid access to a knee expert - When knee pain is limiting you and stopping you from doing the things you love, you’ll appreciate being able to see a consultant as soon as possible. By providing you with fast, easy access to an experienced knee surgeon, you’ll be able to benefit from any treatment programme sooner. 
  • Patient Satisfaction – In an independent survey, 94.1% of the people we treated said they were likely or highly likely to recommend Bishops Wood Hospital to their friends and family. Our friendly and welcoming staff, focussed on supporting you through every step of your treatment, will ensure you always receive the highest level of care during your time with us. 
  • Bespoke treatment – Every knee is different and there is no ‘one size fits all’ treatment. The optimal treatment will always be one that is tailored just for you. Follow-up appointments with your consultant at suitable intervals help ensure your knee health is maintained and protected after any type of surgery.  
  • Remote Consultation – We normally carry out consultations for knee problems in person, face-to-face here at Bishops Wood. However, we can also offer remote consultations by telephone or online video call if needed and where clinically appropriate. 
  • Support after surgery: If you have any type of knee surgery, you’ll see the best results when you follow a well-structured recovery programme. Both before and after your surgery, you’ll be supported by our experienced physiotherapy team who will help you to safely and sensibly regain strength, movement and function in your knee once more. 
  • Multidisciplinary team: With experienced Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons, physiotherapists, nurses, occupational therapists, radiologists and other healthcare professionals, you will have access to all the support and expert help you need. 
  • Location – We’re easy to get to, located in the grounds of Mount Vernon Hospital. If driving to us, we suggest using the 'Gate 3' entrance and taking the first left turn. This will lead you straight to us.  

If you’re experiencing any type of knee problem, whether pain, weakness or stiffness, we can help. There are a number of good, effective treatments available, all of which can be quickly and easily arranged for you at Bishops Wood Hospital.  

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