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Abiliti weight loss system

Want to lose weight? The abiliti system uses food detection and activity sensors to automatically monitor your eating and exercise behaviour.

What is the abiliti system?

The abiliti system, a novel implantable system to treat obesity, is built on the proven technology used in cardiac pacemakers and defibrillators.

The system is designed to be placed outside of a patient’s stomach using standard laparoscopic instruments without making any changes to the anatomy of the digestive system. Successful weight loss is built on two principles, self monitoring and stimulus control. Self monitoring is about having the information needed to make smart decisions.

Patients who are trying to lose weight are encouraged to monitor the number of calories they consume and burn. To do this, they manually record the details of their meals and snacks – what they ate and drank, and when they consumed the meal or snack. They also manually record exercise – what type of exercise, when it occurred, and the duration of the activity.

How does the abiliti system work? 

The abiliti system uses food detection and activity sensors to automatically monitor an individual’s eating and exercise behaviour. Information from the food detection sensor provides a detailed picture of food and drink consumption, while the activity sensor tracks exercise and can determine calories burned through various activities. Using a simple wireless connection, the doctor and patient can view this critical consumption and exercise data, which help support behaviours that lead to sustained weight loss. Stimulus control is a strategy of self-modification with a goal of reducing the volume of food consumed.

The abiliti system supports this reduction by enhancing the sense of fullness that a patient feels when they eat or drink. When the system detects an eating or drinking event, it delivers a series of low-energy electrical impulses to the stomach to create a feeling of fullness, thereby encouraging reduced food intake. The abiliti system does not impose limits on the type of food a person can consume. Nor does it cause nausea or vomiting should a patient eat too much. Through an online resource, patients are connected to a support network enabling them to communicate with other patients and help one another to reach their weight loss goals.

Specialists offering Abiliti weight loss system

Mr Shaw Somers

Consultant General & Gastrointestinal Surgeon

BSc (Hons), MBChB, FRCS, MD

The Clementine Churchill Hospital

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