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Antenatal care

Becoming pregnant is a life changing experience. We offer a range of antenatal services at Circle Health Group to ensure your experience is as enjoyable as possible, and that you have the reassurance and care you need during this time.

Motherhood often marks a new and exciting phase in your life. Antenatal care, known as pregnancy or maternity care, refers to the care you receive from healthcare professionals when you’re pregnant. It is advised that you begin your antenatal care, as early as possible to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Your antenatal appointments will usually occur with a midwife or an obstetrician (a healthcare professional who specialises in pregnancy, labour and after birth care).

Your obstetrician will check your health and the health of your baby. They will provide you with important information to support you during your pregnancy. As part of your antenatal care in England, your midwife or obstetrician will offer you at least two antenatal scans during your pregnancy.

At Circle Health Group, our dedicated team of Consultant gynaecologists and obstetricians are happy to support you during your pregnancy through our specialist antenatal care services. Our Consultant gynaecologists and obstetricians can also support your tailored needs post-pregnancy.


Pregnancy services such as antenatal scans check the health and development of your baby. Your obstetrician or gynaecologist may recommend these screenings to assess the risk of your baby developing certain conditions. These conditions include:

  • Down’s syndrome: Down’s syndrome can lead to mild to severe learning disabilities. Some people with Down’s syndrome might be more independent, while others may require additional care. Antenatal screenings are used to test the likelihood of your baby developing Down’s syndrome.
  • Edward’s syndrome and Patau’s syndrome: Sadly, many babies who are born with Patau’s syndrome and Edward’s syndrome die before or following childbirth. Your obstetrician will test for these two conditions through an antenatal screening.
  • Syphilis, HIV and hepatitis B: You will be offered a blood test in the early stages of your pregnancy to check for syphilis, HIV and hepatitis B. If your partner has HIV, syphilis or hepatitis B, it is important that your obstetrician or midwife is made aware of this.
  • Sickle cell disease and thalessaemia: You will be offered a blood test to confirm if you carry the gene for thalessaemia or sick cell disease. If you’re found to be a carrier, a blood test will also be offered to your partner.

Your antenatal care and post-pregnancy care at Circle Health Group will be carried out by our multidisciplinary team of gynaecologists, physiotherapists, obstetricians and nurses.

Our Consultants at Circle Health Group can reassure you and provide you with any guidance or support you might need for the most stress-free pregnancy possible. Whether you are looking for a sexing scan to identify your baby’s gender, or a foetal anatomy scan, our team will strive to meet your needs.

A dating scan
A dating scan estimates your expected delivery date and calculates how far along you are in your pregnancy. A dating scan can be carried out six to 10 weeks into your pregnancy.

Foetal anatomy or anomaly scan
A foetal anatomy or anomaly scan can be performed between 16 to 20 weeks of your pregnancy. It provides you with a clearer image of your baby and checks for any abnormalities. Your Consultant will make measurements during this scan to monitor your baby’s development and wellbeing.

Nuchal translucency scan
A Nuchal translucency scan is a combined antenatal screening test, and includes an ultrasound scan and a blood test. It can reveal the likelihood of your baby having Down’s syndrome, Edward’s syndrome and Patau’s syndrome. It cannot diagnose these conditions, and a low chance result does not guarantee that your baby will not be born with these conditions.

Physiotherapy includes pelvic floor exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which are often strained during pregnancy and after childbirth. During your consultation, your physiotherapist will discuss your pregnancy needs and requirements with you.

Regular neonatal testing is an important way to ensure the health of you and your baby throughout your pregnancy journey.

You will attend a number of neonatal appointments while pregnant. Each appointment will involve different neonatal testing and scanning, depending on how far along you are.

Antenatal care with Circle Health Group provides fast, direct and convenient appointments with a variety of specialist Consultant gynaecologists and obstetricians.

You can book your consultation online or by calling us directly.

Booking is a quick and simple process. 

Specialists offering Antenatal care

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Mr Clemens von Widekind

Consultant Gynaecologist

Specialist for Obstetrics and Gynaecology (Germany)

Three Shires Hospital

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Ms Sally Watkinson

Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist


The Blackheath Hospital 1 more Chelsfield Park Hospital

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Mr Ashis Sau

Consultant Gynaecologist & Obstetrician

MBBS, DGO, MD, DNB (India), FRCOG (London)

The Blackheath Hospital

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Mrs Ami Shukla

Consultant Gynaecologist & Urogynaecologist

MD, FRCOG.Dip Medical Law, Dip in Medical Ultrasound

Three Shires Hospital

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