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Self-funding patients

Many people choose to travel for medical treatment in order to benefit from the UK’s wealth of clinical expertise. At Circle Health Group, it couldn’t be easier to pay for your own treatment.

We offer competitive prices, cutting-edge treatment by renowned Consultants.

If you are looking for renowned Consultants and fast access to pioneering treatment, you’ve come to the right place. We welcome self-funding patients from across the world, often without need for a GP referral.

We offer significant added value to self-pay patients, from complimentary interpreters to concierge services.

Our prices are highly competitive. As the largest private hospital group in the UK, we’re able to offer excellent rates, with fixed-price packages across a range of specialities, all with your choice of hospital and Consultant.

From cosmetic procedures and routine surgery, to complex treatment for critically ill patients, overseas patients can access our specialists and hospitals simply by contacting our International Patient Centre.

  1. Patient
    Contact Circle's International Patient Centre:

    • Tel: +44 (0)20 7780 2525 / +44 (0)20 8872 3936
    • Fax: +44 (0)20 7265 8634
    • Email: [email protected]
  2. Patient:
    Send any available clinical information, e.g. medical report, doctor's letter or test results

  3. Circle:
    Review referral details and obtain Consultant input (free of charge) if required

  4. Circle:
    Quote sent to patient

  5. Circle/patient:
    Deposit for estimated cost of treatment taken by phone or made online

  6. Circle:
    Confirmation of appointment sent to patient, which can be used to obtain visa letter

  7. Circle:
    Complimentary interpretation during consultations, if needed

  8. Patient:
    Attend first appointment, during which further arrangements will be made for onward diagnostics/treatment

  9. Circle:
    In the event of overpayment, the remaining balance from the deposit will be refunded to the patient following discharge

  10. Patient/Circle:
    In the event of treatment exceeding the initial deposit, payment will be taken for the shortfall upon discharge

If you choose treatment with Circle Health Group as a self-funded patient, you will benefit from the following services:

  • Rapid access to expert treatment: we can book your initial Consultation during our first call
  • The choice of more than 50 hospitals across the UK
  • A network of more than 7,000 experienced Consultants across multiple fields
  • Personalised treatment plans, built around you
  • Consultant-led care by the same expert team from start to finish
  • The advantages of our local expertise, helping with everything from booking transport to arranging accommodation for your loved ones
  • Interpreter services to support you throughout your treatment with us

Circle Health Group is able to provide a range of hospital-only package prices for routine procedures. These packages include all the normal investigations and procedures for a particular operation, for a fixed length of stay.

Prosthesis is usually excluded from the package as this can vary in price depending on the individual needs of the patient and Consultant recommendation.

If you require assistance, multi-lingual support or any other information, please call +44 (0)800 142 2315

email us at [email protected] or find a specialist and book an appointment online