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The Edgbaston Hospital is now closed.

Circle Health Group continue to offer services to patients across the West Midlands at The Priory Hospital in Birmingham and at The Droitwich Spa Hospital in Droitwich. Should you wish to book a consultation at either of these hospitals, please visit our hospitals page or alternatively, you can speak to a member of our dedicated patient enquiry team on 0121 440 2323.

Womens Health Services in Birmingham

Women's health services at The Edgbaston Hospital

Women and men share many health problems but women also have their own health issues which deserve special consideration. Women are living longer and they have the possibility of enjoying a better quality of life throughout their lifespan. But to do this, it is essential that women take charge of their own bodies and their own health. 

Female patients to The Edgbaston Hospital can rest assured that they will be treated with the respect, dignity and empathy they deserve. 

Our women’s health service offers: 

  • Choice of male and female consultants all with extensive NHS experience
  • Individual care from the same consultant throughout your treatment
  • Fast access to tests and results, consultations and treatment 
  • Doctors on-site, 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Friendly, professional nursing staff
  • Private rooms with en-suite facilities and satellite TV
  • Clean, peaceful and comfortable surroundings. 

Whether routine investigations or advanced surgical procedures, both hospitals offer a full range of treatments for women and attract some of the country’s most eminent surgeons and female patients from all over the world choose to come here. 

From urinary incontinence and the menopause to cystitis and the HPV vaccine, Women’s health is a broad term that doesn’t define any one medical specialty, but encompasses many conditions that can affect a woman through each stage of her life. 


At The Edgbaston Hospital Gynaecology Clinic in Birmingham you will find an expert team of private gynaecologists providing services to treat a wide range of gynaecological problems. 

Our Gynaecologists offer quick and easy access to investigations and treatments, and they are supported by a caring and dedicated team who can call upon the very latest diagnostic equipment. 

Nearly every woman will suffer from a gynaecological problem at some time in her life. 

It may not be life threatening, and may only affect them at certain times of the month, but it can still have an impact on their quality of life and ability to do everyday things. 

With many of the region’s leading Gynaecologists choosing to work at our hospitals together with Gynae-oncologists we are able to treat the broadest range of patients and treat all major conditions related to gynaecology as well as treat women of all ages. 

The type of treatment you will receive will depend on your symptoms, your age and whether you wish to have children. 

Your consultant will assess your condition and give you an expert opinion. If further diagnostic tests or treatment are required, these will be explained fully during your consultation. 

Breast health 

Changes in the breast are absolutely normal and are often associated with either development or ageing. However, if you are worried about any changes that you don’t consider normal, or you are experiencing discomfort in your breast or have breast pain, you should report them to a healthcare professional. 

Keeping check of your breasts 

We recommend that you check your breasts a few days after your period – as lumps can occur in your breasts during your monthly menstrual cycle and this is usually completely normal. Essentially, what you’re looking for are any lumps or swellings, particularly if one breast feels different to the other. Remember, it’s always important to speak to your GP if you notice a change. 

The Breast Clinic at The Priory Hospital provides high quality breast care services and is staffed by experienced Consultants and a dedicated Breast Care Nurse Specialist. 


Many people have no idea that they have fertility issues until they start trying for a baby, and the causes of infertility can sometimes be hard to establish. 

Established in 1989, the Priory Fertility Centre in Birmingham is a highly successful centre providing a wide range of assisted reproductive therapies and attracts patients from all over the UK. 

Varicose veins 

Varicose veins can affect daily life in many ways. They may be completely symptom free, but still stop you from feeling comfortable when wearing shorts or skirts. They may be itchy or painful, especially at the end of the day. They can even lead to more serious conditions such as ulceration of the leg. 

Whether you have been suffering with varicose veins for years, or have just noticed their appearance, you can make the decision to have them treated now. 

Treatment options 

You will be assessed during your first consultation and introduced to the range of treatments available to you. This includes laser treatment, VNUS closure or traditional surgery. Treatment can take place as either an in-patient or day-case, so you could go home the same day and be back to your normal activities within a couple of days. 

Healthy heart 

It’s a sobering statistic that heart disease is the No. 1 threat to women. In fact it kills three times more people than the three main female cancers (breast, ovarian and cervical) put together. 

High blood pressure and diabetes can really affect your heart health as can your age. As we get older, our risk of heart problems increases. People of certain ethnicities are also at higher risk of heart disease and being overweight increases the likelihood of risk factors for heart disease. What’s more, if your father, mother, brother or sister has heart disease, this is also a risk factor. 

Paying for treatment 

When booking an appointment for treatment at The Priory Hospital or The Edgbaston Hospital, there are a number of ways to manage the cost of your treatment. 

The two main options are:

  1. Through a private or company paid medical insurance policy.
  2. Paying for treatment directly through our self-pay schemes – ideal if you do not have private medical insurance. 


It is important to ensure that any treatment you undergo is pre-authorised in advance of your stay. We always advise our patients to check with their insurance provider in advance of undergoing any treatment, to confirm that their policy covers the planned treatment. 

Self-pay treatment 

Significant numbers of people are now opting to pay for their own treatment because they appreciate it is fast, convenient and more affordable than they thought. You can pay directly for anything from a consultation or scan, through to diagnostic investigations, physiotherapy, or minor or complex surgery. Circle Health Group hospitals offer fixed price packages for many treatments. 


  • Gynaecology consultation
  • HPV vaccination