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Sports injury clinic

Circle Rehabilitation’s private Sports Injury and Sports Medicine Clinics in Birmingham and across the UK offer assessment and treatment for all athletes.

We have an expert team of specialists sports medicine doctors, physiotherapists, strength conditioners, psychologists and nutritionists. Together, they can evaluate your needs and put together a personalised private rehabilitation package to get you back to feeling your best.

We also provide personalised injury prevention programmes to ensure that you can always perform at your best.

If you are preparing for a marathon or triathlon, or a keen runner recovering an injury, Circle Rehabilitation’s Private Sports Injury and Sports Medicine Clinic can help.

Whether you're a sports-enthusiast or a professional athlete, our goal is to optimise your recovery to ensure the best possible results.

You may be suffering with a rotator cuff injury, have low back pain, or perhaps are recovering from a fracture. Whatever the problem, we will work with you towards recovery

Our private sports injury clinic contains state-of-the-art equipment. This includes: 

AlterG anti-gravity treadmill– driven by technology from NASA, this helps to shorten recovery time, improve mobility and reduce injury
Cybex Muscle Testing
Premium gym and exercise equipment – ensuring you have quality equipment at your disposal.
Shockwave therapy - to stimulate healing
Lyra Gait - walking therapy