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Ms Susanna Durant

Senior Specialist Speech Therapist

MClinRes, MMedSci, BSc (hons)

Practices at: The Alexandra Hospital

A photo of Ms Susanna Durant

Su is a Senior Specialist Speech Therapist working within the fields of Voice Disorder and Head and Neck Cancer.  She has particular interests in Voice Therapy for Professional Voice Users (Singers, Actors and Teachers), management of surgical voice patients and rehabilitation following Head and Neck surgery.

Su works closely with colleagues Paul McKenna (Senior Specialist Speech Therapist) and Mr Jay Goswamy (Consultant ENT Surgeon) to provide holistic assessment and treatment of Voice Disorders.  Together, they offer a Joint ENT / Speech Therapy Assessment Clinic involving thorough endoscopic and vocal assessment to identify any factors contributing to voice change.

Therapeutically, she uses an individually tailored approach, based on robust assessment, to optimise vocal health, function and technique and meet the unique requirements of each of her patients.

Su employs a wide range of techniques to work with clients in rehabilitating their voice including work on vocal flexibility and technique, posture and alignment, optimisation of breath support and control for voice, muscle tension release, relaxation of body and mind and anchoring for voice amongst others.  Techniques are chosen and utilised based on the individual.  

Of note, she has skill in laryngeal manual therapy, which encourages muscle relaxation through hands on, targeted massage of the muscles in and around the voice box, having trained under leading practitioner Jacob Lieberman.  She utilises Estill’s Voice Figures, developed by singer Jo Estill and used to establish healthy and flexible vocal habits, having trained under Sue Jones and Charlotte Xerri to adapt their use specifically for Voice Therapy.  She uses a range of assessment and therapeutic interventions set out by the Voice Skills Perceptual Profile having trained under Christina Shewell, leading Voice Therapist and Vocal Coach.

After completing undergraduate studies in Biomedical Sciences at The University of Sheffield, she returned to Sheffield to complete Masters level training in Speech and Language Therapy.  

She has gained 15 years’ experience in NHS Trusts across the North West including Manchester Royal Infirmary.  She moved to Wythenshawe to join the leading Speech Therapy service for Voice assessment and rehabilitation in the region where she completes multiple assessment and treatment endoscopy clinics with ENT colleagues.

Interest in research led her to undertake a Masters in Clinical Research which she passed with distinction from The University of Manchester.  She is committed to involvement in and utilisation of recent research to keep her practice fresh and up-to-date and is currently leading local data collection for a national research project investigating the surgical, therapeutic and medical treatment of laryngeal papilloma.  

Su is passionate about her work, and committed to developing her practice.  As co-secretary of the North West Voice Clinical Excellence Network, she commissions and disseminates training from national leaders in the field to continue to develop expertise in therapists across the region.

  • Functional endoscopic voice assessment (Joint with Consultant ENT Surgeon, Mr Jay Goswamy)
  • Holistic functional voice assessment
  • Voice Therapy
  • Swallow assessment
  • Swallow rehabilitation 
  • Pre and post-operative voice and swallow rehabilitation

  • Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists
  • Health & Care Professions Council
  • British Laryngological Association
  • British Voice Association
  • North West Voice Clinical Excellence Network (Co-secretary)
  • North Head and Neck Clinical Excellence Network