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Dr Richard Levy

Consultant Cardiologist


Practices at: The Alexandra Hospital

A photo of Dr Richard Levy

Dr Levy graduated from St. Bartholomew's Hospital in London in 1978 and trained in the Southeast Specialist cardiology training was furthered at University College, Middlesex, National Heart and St Bartholomew’s Hospitals.

In 1989 he moved to Manchester as Senior Registrar at Wythenshawe and was appointed as a consultant in 1993.

Dr Levy was Clinical Director from 2001 to 2006 - As Project Board Lead Clinician, he wrote the business case for the major cardiac development at UHSM and the centre will open in 2008.

He also drafted the outline for the formation of the Greater Manchester and Cheshire Cardiac Network, its management structure and the plan to reconfigure cardiac services. He is the lead clinician for the Network with responsibility for service improvement and more recently the 18-week programme. Dr Levy has been clinical lead for seven years starting with the Coronary Heart Disease Partnership then the Collaborative prior to the formation of networks and contributed to the improvement of health care for patients with heart disease and have been responsible for the "spread of best practice" across the Network.

Since June 2002, he has been National Clinical Lead for the Heart Improvement Programme with specific responsibility for redesign of the management of angina, percutaneous intervention and inter-hospital transfers. The re-design and audit of inter-hospital transfers was the largest study of its kind undertaken within the NHS. More recently he has become the National Lead for 18 weeks.

Dr Levy is a member of the DH 18 week clinical advisory group for 18 weeks and lead on the development of three national cardiac pathways – chest pain, AF and heart failure.

In 2007 he was seconded to join the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement programme as a clinical lead for “Delivering Quality and Value”.

Dr Levy was a finalist in the British Cardiac Society's Young Investigator Prize and has maintained a research interest in coronary artery disease and service improvement.

  • 2009 - Clinical advisor to DH for elective care
  • 2009 - Fellow of the Improvement Faculty for patient safety and quality improvement

From 2014 to 2019 he was the Medical Director for Scheduled Care at Wythenshawe Hospital.  From November 2019, Dr Levy treats patients solely on a private basis.

  • Symptoms of Chest Pain
  • Palpitations or Breathlessness
  • Medical conditions: coronary artery disease, heart attack, heart failure, cardiomyopathy, ectopics, valve disease, high blood pressure.
  • Most aspects of adult cardiac care

British Cardiovascular Society
British Cardiovascular Intervention Society