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Mr Jeremy Holland

Consultant Neurosurgeon


Practises at: The Alexandra Hospital

Jeremy Holland

Personal Profile

Jeremy trained as an undergraduate at St George’s medical school, London and his early neurosurgical training was in London at the prestigious Atkinson Morley Hospital.  He undertook his final training in Newcastle and became a Neurosurgical Consultant in 1998, working both at Manchester Royal and Hope (Salford Royal) hospitals.

Jeremy is a member of the British Society of Neurological Surgeons and is an Examiner on the Intercollegiate Board for Neurosurgery.

He has developed his twin interests of vascular and spinal neurosurgery.  He has pioneered the multidisciplinary approach to both of these subspecialties and is particularly keen to offer a holistic service to his patients and not just see surgery as the answer for all.  His spinal patients are offered a choice between conservative management, augmented by the use of steroid injections and surgery which is usually seen as the last resort.  He has pioneered minimally invasive techniques; always uses the operating microscope and performs cervical disc replacement and lumbar interspinous stabilisations.

Jeremy is an approachable Consultant who will offer you a personalised service, giving you a complete understanding of the problems you have and will see surgery as a last resort to your symptoms, but if surgery is needed will perform a focused,  minimally invasive, microscopic procedure to help you recover.

Vascular neurosurgery encompasses intracranial aneurysms, AVM’s and spontaneous intracranial haematomas.  This work is performed mainly at Salford Royal Hospital.  Jeremy is the Senior Surgeon in a team of three surgeons caring for patients with subarachnoid haemorrhage.

Clinical Interests

  • Neck: spinal injection, microdiscectomy, spinal fusion and disc replacement for neck pain, root pain, weakness and numbness
  • Lower back: spinal injections, microdiscectomy and, spinal fusion for back pain, sciatica, stenosis
  • Coccyx: manipulation (MUA), injections and coccygectomy for coccyx pain
  • Vascular: consultations, advice, surgery for  spinal dural fistulae, cranial vascular abnormalities including aneurysms, AVMs and cavernomas.
  • Head injury: advice and surgery for intracranial bleeding
  • Hydrocephalus: advice, monitoring and shunt surgery for excess brain water
  • Chiari malformation: advice and surgery for ACM and syringomyelia

Professional Memberships